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Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? USA Today bestseller, BARED, is on sale for $.99! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below.

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Bared is a seductively haunting tale of control and surrender that will tantalize existing fans of the series, while enticing new readers into the passionate world of Club Sin.” ~Eliza Gayle, New York Times bestselling author of SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY

 “A hot blend of raw sensuality, this is an author to watch!” ~Eden Bradley, author of THE DARK GARDEN and DANGEROUSLY BOUND


In a novel that’s perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Stacey Kennedy returns to Club Sin with another wicked and wild tale of submission, seduction, and love.

At Las Vegas’s exclusive Club Sin, Aidan Knight is the Master, unleashing the erotic yearnings of his submissive lovers. But his dominant façade conceals a devastating loss—something he instantly recognizes in his personally trained submissive Cora Adams. Sworn to unearth her secrets, Aidan uses his seductive skills to ignite her wildest desires until Cora yields to the pleasure she can find only with him.

Cora came to the BDSM club to act out her sub-and-dom fantasies without ever revealing the heartbreak that haunts her. But Aidan’s masterful touch is bringing her closer to the edge . . . and deeper into a world of control and surrender. He refuses to allow her to submit to any other man—nor does she want to. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. For as they give in to passion, they must lay bare their souls for a love that could heal—and free—them both.

Bared is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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    I’m not expecting anything. I guess we all have wants but I just want to win a giveaway by an author that will actually provide my daughter a Christmas. My daughter won’t be receiving a Christmas present, nor even a Christmas dinner. We just don’t have the money to buy anything and she’s a teenager and there’s no organizations that help once they reach a certain age. I guess I want a Christmas for my daughter. My son is away in Georgia where he’s stationed at. He’s in the army and he’s not coming home for Christmas. That would be really nice if I had home but I’m happy he’s not in a way because I don’t want him to think he has to take care of us. Anyway, thank you for the giveaway. I haven’t read any of your stories before, and good luck to everyone.

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    My family thinks my Christmas list is boring because all I have on it are Amazon gift cards. You see I have this addiction, that’s the first step right? Admitting it. Anyway, I have an addiction to traveling to other worlds, meeting men that I wish were real and living vicariously through the women, pretending that I’m as kick-ass as they are. You see my wonderful addiction is to reading and I love it! 😀

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    I would love for Santa to bring me a “SOLD” sign for the “FOR SALE” sign in my front yard. Not having to deal with the stress of having my house be all pretty all the time & it would be great to not have to be ready for anyone to ask to see my house at anytime.

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    I’d love a new laptop but Amaazon Gc’s are another favorite for books. Thanks for the great givaway.Goodd luck to evryhone and Happy Holidayss.
    Carol L

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    With all the things that are going on in the world, material things seems so trivial this year. My wish this Christmas, and each and every day, is peace in the world. The light of God to shine in each heart. The love of what Jesus brought with his birth. Merry Christmas everyone. Peace, joy and love be within your heart, your mind, and your spirit.

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