Bought By The Boss – Teaser #5


When we reach the bathroom, I stop in the middle of the room and look at her. I drop any shields I usually keep up, where I fight the dominance I feel around her. Now I flood her with all of me. Perhaps it’s the way I look at her, or something more, but her pupils dilate, lips part and she begins breathing heavily, anticipation peppering the air.

“Undress and then press your hands against the vanity and wait for me,” I tell her.

I don’t stick around to see if she obeys my instructions. I know she will. I leave the bathroom and move to the bedroom, opening the dresser drawer when I get there. I fetch out the items I bought before the trip and then I return to Aria. I stop in the doorway, studying the beauty who did exactly as I asked. My vision narrows on her, a gorgeous woman there for my taking. “I want you,” I tell her, not getting closer, letting her anticipate my moving to her. “All of you. Will you give me that, Aria?”

“Yes,” she rasps, staring at me in the mirror.


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #4



“What’s on that mind of yours?”

“I’m thinking that we ruined your very nice sheets.”

I chuckle, flipping us onto our sides, pushing the hair off her face. “I imagine in the years to come, we’ll ruin many bedsheets.”

She blinks, her eyes twinkle in orgasmic bliss. “Maybe a couple bed frames, too.”

Breathless, I kiss her forehead. “I will forever endeavor to fuck you hard enough to break bed frames.”


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #3



The low rumble of Liam’s voice vibrates against my skin, raising goosebumps. I know what’s going to happen. I want this to happen. Even so, I’m on edge, excited and nervous of what’s to come. We’ve waited three years to cross this line. I draw in a deep breath and face all the energy pulsating in the room. The beautiful view is nothing compared to what’s before me.

Liam has been holding himself back, I can tell that now. The flare of his nostrils drawing in my scent, the intensity burning in his eyes. It’s no way that he’s watched me before. I’m drenching my panties and my nipples pucker, ready for play, just that easily.

The silence between us is powerful. So many unsaid things holding in the quiet space. So many desires unfulfilled. I’m standing there bared for him, stripped of all the reasons I’ve been shutting him out.

“Show me what I paid for,” he says, voice rich with lust.

Maybe I should be offended.

I’m not in the least.

We’ve both been waiting for this moment. It just so happens that I want to show him all of me. I want him to touch, to taste, to own me. I reach up, tucking my finger into the strap of my dress, slowly sliding it down my shoulder.


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #2



I lean in and my lips meet hers. It’s passion. It’s desire. We’re unleashed. I press my body against hers, feeling the paint between us and nothing else, and I inch her back toward the mattress, helping her into the middle of the bed. I slide my thighs against her legs, spreading her open. “There are many ways I can take you tonight. So many kinky things I want to do to you.” I shift my hips, pressing the tip of my throbbing cock against the warmth of her slit, sliding the weight of my body against hers, pressing her down into the mattress. “But tonight, your first night in the bed where I’ve imagined you for years, you’re staying close. Your eyes on me.”


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #1


When I feel his finger tuck under my chin, I open my eyes, discovering his expression is very similar to what I’d seen before. However, this time, he looks even more intense. As he did before, he reaches for my hair, fisting it, sending me to my knees again. When I look up at him, he gestures at his cock. “Again,” is all he says.

That’s when I realize that I’ve been wrong. This weekend isn’t about fulfilling a fantasy. It’s about draining the lust Liam has for me. And he plans to drain it all this weekend. Now I understand that, it’s not about whether my heart can handle this weekend with Liam.

Can my body survive him?


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Cover Reveal: Are you ready to get roped by a real cowboy?

Get ready, lovelies. I’m bringing you some dirty talking, sweet loving, hard riding cowboys in June! The Kinky Spurs series has been four years in the making…and I am madly in love. Shep, Chase and Nash’s stories have shaped up to be my sexiest, most emotional stories yet. I cannot wait for you all to meet the Kinky Spurs gang!

Are you ready to get roped by a real cowboy?


Emma Monroe has returned to River Rock, Colorado, after the death of her grandmother. Now she’s inherited a farm full of abused animals and she’s working as a waitress at the local hotspot, Kinky Spurs. The last thing Emma wants in her life is a man, as she’s still recovering from a recent heartbreak. But when a sensual and powerful cowboy, Shep Blackshaw enters her life, Emma begins to want things she shouldn’t.

Shep knows sex shouldn’t be on his mind. He’s got a world of responsibility on his shoulders. He’s attempting to save his late father’s cattle ranch, Blackshaw Cattle Company, from foreclosure. But Emma’s heated reactions to his touch make ignoring her impossible. She’s the perfect distraction to make him forget that his father’s company is a sinking ship.

While their nights only heat up, soon emotions become tangled into the mix. Shep’s not only giving Emma the hottest nights of her life, he’s also healing her heart. With every encounter, she forgets her heartbreak. With every naughty adventure, she stops mourning the life she left behind. And with every dirty word whispered from Shep’s mouth, she stops thinking of all the reasons why she shouldn’t fall for him. But when the past comes to claim Emma, she’ll need to choose between the life she thought she wanted and the life she’s grown to love with Shep. How will she say no to forever with a dirty-talking cowboy.

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