Bought By The Boss – Teaser #13

rsz_bbtb_13_[feb_18] I can’t be sure how long has gone by since I first put on the blindfold, every minute seeming like an hour. I’m hyperaware of my surroundings. The birds singing off in the distance. The mouse or chipmunk scurrying behind me. Even the way the warm breeze caresses my puckered nipples. More importantly, I’m acutely aware of the wetness between my thighs, the heat there. Suddenly, a crunching sound catches my breath in my throat. I cock my head, hearing another crunch against the forest floor. I smile, embracing the energy surrounding me. I can feel Jackson watching me. He doesn’t need to say a word. I know he’s there, and I know it’s him. I feel his passion pulsating around me. It’s palpable. Tangible, even. The crunching of his shoes against the branches and the rocks gets closer . . . and closer . . . and closer, my heartbeat banging in my ears. Then all that power is in front of me. “Good girl,” Jackson murmurs in my ear.


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #12

rsz_bbtb_12_[feb_17] When he glances over his shoulder, he’s as focused as I’ve ever seen him. I’m only reminded how little control I really have where it comes to Jackson. He’s not the type of guy you can control. I might have started this tonight. That penetrating look in his eyes tells me he plans on finishing it, if he decides to see this through. And that’s the feeling I get from him. He’s still undecided. He gives that mesmerizing half-grin, and takes a chair from the table and sits down. Legs spread wide, in a gesture that is as sexy as it is clear, he arches a single eyebrow again. “Dance for me.” I swallow. Deeply. He’s daring me. Maybe even challenging me and pushing my limits to see how far I plan to take this game of ours. I’m all in. Two years, I’ve built up the fantasy of Jackson Keller, imagining how a powerful man like him would be in bed. Touching me. Tasting me. Fucking me. I need to find out if the real deal is as good as what I’ve dreamed up. This is my only chance. Determined to see this through, I push past the nerves threatening to stop me. I shut my eyes and feel the beat of the music, slowly circling my hips back and forth. When I’ve found my rhythm, I reopen my eyes, finding his penetrating stare narrowed on me. He’s as cool and calm and collected as always, when I slide my hands down over my sides and my thighs, circling my hips, teasing him. I want to break through to the man who can’t control himself. I want to drive him fucking crazy.


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #11

rsz_bbtb_11_[feb_16] I’m slumped on him, my head resting on his shoulder. His hands stroke my back, waiting me out to recover, my inner muscles squeezing his dick. When I finally lift my head, he’s grinning. “I like the way you come,” he says. I laugh softly, embracing the orgasmic glow. “How do I come?” “Without restraint.” He thrusts his hand into my hair and growls, “In fact, I like it so much I want to see it again.” His fingers only tighten in my hair when he rises. Then I find myself kneeling on the chair, my hands gripping the back of the seat. He’s got my head angled back, arching my back and his firm slap on my bum causes an unexpected shiver. I moan, somehow needing more of that intensity when I feel the tip of his cock at my entrance seconds before he’s back inside of me. There’s no misunderstanding who’s in charge. His pelvis slaps against my ass, and as his hand swats my warm bum, I moan into the pleasure he’s offering. Another swat . . . and another . . . and another . . . and I’m shivering and gasping. Whether it be from the slight sting of the hits, the way he’s tugging on my hair, pinning me exactly where he wants me, or how he’s rough in the ways I’ve always wanted, my inner muscles are responding to his hard cock driving inside me. I gasp when he tugs my head farther back and blankets my body with his. “I like how I make this sexy body shake.”


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TRASHY LIES, coming in 2019!

a woman laying in bed with a cop hat and hand cuffs on her feet I’m so excited to share that I’ve signed with Grand Central Publishing, Forever Yours to write a new romantic suspense trilogy titled TRASHY LIES, releasing summer of 2019. Set in the fictional town of Rock City, Colorado, the series follows three detectives, Boone, Asher, and Rhett on a wild ride through the dark underbelly of their city. But the biggest danger of all will come from the three strong-willed women who get caught up in a sizzling game of seduction, deep-rooted corruption and violent crime. I hope you're all as excited as I am. This series is going to be sexy and fun...with a whole lot of twists and turns and heart racing moments! Stacey XO

Bought By The Boss – Teaser #10

rsz_bbtb_10_[feb_15] He slowly sinks to the floor and crooks a finger at me. “Come here, sweetheart.” I approach him and settle my feet next to his hips, ready to sink down onto his dick, when he arches an eyebrow. “No, Mallory, I want to taste you.” Heat flushes through me, wild and wicked. I take the few steps until his face is near my sex. When I go to tilt my head back, he says, “Eyes on me.” I shiver at the heat in the depths of his when he leans forward and licks my clit with the flat of his tongue. It’s gentle. It’s teasing. It makes me crazy. His gorgeous face is between my thighs, his gaze locking onto mine. I want to touch him; the bindings won’t let me. I’m throbbing, aching, and I can tell he’s not doing this to get me off. He wants me to burn for him. He wants me desperate. And I’m there.


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #9

rsz_bbtb_09_[feb_14] When he presses his muscular body against mine, he proves the difference between his body and mine. Where he’s hard, I’m soft. I release a moan, lost in his intensity when he grabs my leg, wrapping it around his hip so he can boldly grind his cock against my sex. That’s the difference between other guys and this guy. He takes whatever he wants. I want him to take it all. Desperate for more, I shift my hips, grinding against him, and reach for more from his mouth. He growls, pulling my lips away from his with his fisted hand in my hair. “I shouldn’t be touching you.” I note the strain in his voice and reopen my eyes, and I’m momentarily stunned by the view. The intensity on his face catches the breath in my throat. Eyebrows drawn, his gaze is locked on me, and damn, it’s a powerful thing to have all of Jackson’s heady focus. “Why shouldn’t you be touching me?” I barely manage, wondering what I can do to get him naked. That damn sexy eyebrow slowly arches. “You belong to Liam.” “I belong to no one.” He gives a quick smile. “Is that so?” His hand hasn’t left my hair, pinning me right to him. His rich, seductive eyes search mine before they scan over my lips. Somehow that long regard is the sexiest way anyone has ever looked at me. It’s like he’s seeing me for the first time, looking right into what makes me tick, and I can tell he likes what he sees. When his gaze returns to my eyes again, his are smoldering. “A game, you said earlier,” he murmurs slowly, carefully almost. “Is that what you’re looking for, Mallory?” “Yes,” I whisper. “Can you handle just sex?” I snort softly. “I am the one standing here naked, am I not?” That smile is back on his face, his fingers sliding from my hair. He takes a full step back, his gaze roaming over me, from my head to the tips of my toes and then back up again. This time, his regard feels different. It’s like he’s exposing me more, even though I’m already naked. When he finally breaks away and turns, I release the breath I didn’t know I’d been holding. I quickly inhale again, clenching my fists, hoping to God he’s not walking out the front door because (a) I’m horny, and (b) I will never be able to face him again. Like, ever!


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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #8

rsz_bbtb_08_[feb_13] The moon is casting a glow over him which further reflects out onto the water resembling black glass. Hard sculpted muscles fill my vision. There’s not one muscle more developed than another, he’s perfection. His chest perfectly squared, his abs perfectly cut. His cock my idea of perfect. “You’re fucking me with your eyes, Mallory,” he says, breaking my trance. I swallow against the added moisture in my mouth, pressing my hands across the smooth, cool rock. “That’s because I want to be fucking you, Jackson.” Something passes between us then, leaving me winded. It’s intense and powerful and all the things we shouldn’t be feeling. It’s not supposed to feel this right. He’s not supposed to be this great. That’s when there is no running from what’s facing me. Something changed between us, and I can’t really recall when that happened. It feels different when he takes hold of my hip and steps closer, pressing the tip of his cock against me. Emotional, maybe. I don’t know. I can’t think. He’s pressing inside me, filling me so perfectly. And I’m lost in the beauty of the moment, tilting my head back to stare upon stars in a way I’ve never seen them before. Everything looks brighter, more alive.


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Bought By The Boss IS LIVE!

My Dear Readers, Today I bring you two naughty novellas. Bought by the Boss is now LIVE! Yah! I first fell in love with writing a duet when I wrote the Filthy Dirty Love series. So much so, in fact, that I wanted to do a duet again. The two novellas in Bought by The Boss, His Price and Dirty Money are quick, hot, and downright dirty. Believe me, these two alphas give the Club Sin Doms a run for their money! I hope Liam and Jackson steal your hearts like they stole mine. Stacey XO rsz_bbtb_release_day What’s better than one bad-boy boss? How about two? In a duet of naughty novellas, a charity date auction turns into all-out war when a pair of powerful corporate lawyers each buy the other’s assistant for a weekend of seduction. HIS PRICE I’ve wanted Aria Finley from the moment I met her. We flirt, we laugh, we connect. It could be perfect. She’s even best friends with my assistant. Problem is, she works for my archnemesis—Jackson Keller—and she’s the kind of girl who stays loyal unless you give her a reason not to. Besides my hard-on there’s something hot between us, and I won’t rest until I put my finger on it. So when I get the chance to buy Aria for the weekend at a charity auction, there’s no limit. I’m going to take her home and take what I want because I’ll make her want it too. And by Monday, she’ll know she’s mine. DIRTY MONEY Liam Maxwell thinks he can get to me through my assistant, Aria. Well, two can play that game. Now Mallory Beckett—Liam’s assistant and Aria’s best friend—is mine for the weekend. Only she has no idea who bought her at the charity auction. This is going to be worth every penny. But soon I realize that Mallory has been waiting for my touch all along. What starts as a fling turns into something more. From the beginning, I was so focused on stealing her away. I never thought about the fact that I’d drown if I lost her. Now the game has changed. And she needs to know that she belongs to me.



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