Club Sin blog tour: Want to know what happened to Dmitri & Presley after Claimed?!

Missed the first week of the Bared blog tour? No problemo. Find all the stops below to enter the giveaway:


Blog tour kick-off with a look back at Aidan & Cora in CLAIMED – find it here!

Just gotta know what happened to Dmitri & Presley after CLAIMED, read about it here!

Find out how I took the BDSM to the next level with BARED here!

Read a never before seen excerpt here!

Learn about how the idea for BARED came from CLAIMED here!


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    Att Sveriges politiker och 97% av befolkningen är sÃ¥ urbota idiotisk, är nästintill ofattbart. Även om situationen är hanterbar för tillfället (vilket den inte är) sÃ¥ lär det ju vara annorlunda om tio Ã¥r när alla har skaffat 5 barn och skall ha in sin familj… Dags att lämna det här sjunkande skeppet. Mina skatter skall inte betala för deras oförtjänta “rättigheter”.

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    The best thing a person can do is remove themselves from this “cult of Prabhupadanugas” and get on with their spiritual life by reading Prabhupada’s books and chanting hare krsna. To think that anyone can save anyone without saving themselves first is insanity. no one withina dangerous cult can save anyone. The Rtvik leaders are just as corrupt as ISKCON. They lie, cheat and coerce devotees to submit to their terror tactics or else. Best to get out while you can.

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    Ró, como eu disse, essa história da piscina veio na minha cabeça hoje e eu me flagrei morrendo de rir, sozinha, parada num engarrafamento. Só Davi pra fazer isso comigo, né?E Matheus que se prepare! Ele vai ser bolinha, nas nossas mãos. Hehehehe…

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