Day 2: Write until I drop dead weekend w/giveaway! (@GordonGina, #WERetreat)

All right, peeps, I’m back at it today, writing until I drop with my pal, Gina Gordon!!

Now, because I kicked butt in my word count yesterday, today will look a little different. I don’t have a word count goal, but I have a chapter goal. I have 3 chapters that need to get looking more like chapters, instead of a jumbled mess! So, that’s my goal today…rewriting 3 chapters to be nice and pretty!

I’ll be posting updates all day. Make sure to comment so I can add you to the list for the giveaway at the end of the day (comment here or on any of the updates)!

Check back soon!!


  1. GinaD says

    Well if its a rainy day like it is at my house, it would be a good day to be inside and get things done! Hope you meet your goal!

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