5 ARCs of ETERNALLY DEVOTED up for grabs!

Hellz-yeah! I’ve got 5 ARCs of ETERNALLY DEVOTED ready to load onto your eReaders!

Winners will be drawn March 25th @ 10 AM EST.

Ready, set, GO!

Tess Jennings, who has been gifted with the ability to see ghosts, struggles to help the Grand Master of the Animus, Alexander, cross over. She might even have discovered who murdered him, but she has no way to prove it.

Adding to her pile of failures, Tess must accept a harsh reality—she has officially run out of time. The closer she gets to an answer to save her ghost lover, Kipp McGowen, the more she’s realizing she’s been searching for an answer she didn’t want to find.

Tess will have to make difficult choices, and her decisions will lead to consequences she cannot predict. Will Kipp finally take a living breath again, or will Tess take her last and join him in the Netherworld forever?

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  1. Shell Bryce says

    She will find a way…. they need to both be breathing for their happily ever after.

  2. Linda Henderson says

    I don’t have a clue, but I’m sure she will figure it out. I’d love to read it.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  3. Laurie P says

    I won’t know how they do it till I read the book! Hint, wink, nudge…nudge!
    goaliemom0049 (at) gmail.com

  4. toshybell2010 says

    I think he she will sacrifice her life for him to live, but her sacrifice will be so great that it will save them both! I am very intrigued to read this now!!!!
    latochiadanai at gmail dot com

  5. Suzan Lacey says

    I want him to live again but the blurb makes me think she’ll choose to go to him but then I remember her best friend and cross my fingers that Tess will choose the living world and bring Kipp with her! For the sake of all their friends Tess and Kipp have to be together in the living world!

  6. xsfav14 - Chele says

    Oh I do hope Kipp is able to come back to life! It would be a shame to lose Tess’s gift if she were to join Kipp!
    Michele Anderson

  7. says

    I think Tess will save Alexander and help him cross over but it will cost her. Possibly throwing her into the ever after with Kipp, but I think he will pull her out and save them both. Its his turn to be her hero. Then she will help him connect back to his body and they will live happily ever after and Stacey will decide we need another book 🙂

  8. Lavendersky says

    I think they will both live,, she will just have to learn more about herself and her gift and believe she can make it happen.

  9. Kelly says

    Well, to be ultimately and forever romantic, Tess could die and go to him right? Although, I’d much rather Kip be reincarnated somehow.

  10. navywife001 says

    I think she will sacrifice herself but that will actually save him. I can’t wait.

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