Happy Friday! Snippet of CLAIMED!

I’ve had a busy week of writing BARED – Club Sin #2. I’ve got about six chapters behind me, and this story is pouring out of me like nobody’s business! YAH!!

Let’s kick off the weekend with a snippet from CLAIMED (unedited).

This is what happens when you introduce a Club Sin Master to a douchebag of an ex-boyfriend!

“Dmitri, I’d like to introduce you to Steven.”
Dmitri’s eyes narrowed on her, a fire burned within their depths, and he oh-so-leisurely looked at Steven. “Introduce me, huh?”
“Hey, man,” Steven replied in a light voice.
Dmitri, as always, remained calm. However, behind his coolness was well-restrained rage. Presley sank down into her chair, and in the same voice that rolled with tension, he asked, “Do you have something to say to him, love?”
Presley gaped at him, unable to do anything else. She had no idea that Dmitri held this type of hatred for Steven, and she wondered why he did. After fast seconds of thought, she came up empty. She’d barely talked about her past relationship, and she needed this moment to end, so she turned to Steven. “It’s nice to see you again, but we’re having dinner, so—”
Presley clamped her lips shut, and she jerked her head to Dmitri, who continued his stern look. “That is not what you say to him. I’ll show you.” To Steven, his voice became oh-so-deadly, his expression equally tight. “You don’t have the right to talk to her. That privilege was lost when you fucked another woman and broke her heart. Get lost.”


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