NEWS ALERT on the new series

Hello my lovely readers, My fabulous publishing team and I have decided to rename THE DUNGEON'S KEY series. As I've been writing the first book, the titles and series name didn't seem to fit anymore. It happens. Things change. And I decided long ago not to fight my characters, or they fight back and give me writer's block. 🙂 So, we decided the books needed a makeover. Here's what we came up with: DLSlogo New Series Name: DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS New Titles: Book 1: BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN Book 2: TIED TO HIS BETRAYAL Book 3: CUFFED BY HIS CHARM Book 4: RESTRAINED UNDER HIS DUTY I hope you all love the new titles as much as I do. I can't wait for February! Cheers! ♥ Stacey

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