Happy Six Sentence Sunday! This week I’m sharing a snippet from Witches Be Dazzled – Magic & Mayhem Book Two. I’ve just wrapped up revisions on this book, and have sent it off to my editor. Celebration time! In this scene, Nexi has been brought into Salt Lake City, and after some use of magic, she is witnessing the act of a murder committed by a vampire. The vision she has to watch doesn’t make her happy.

“Let me have a taste of you.” The vampire climbed on top of the woman, getting back to business, and drank heavily from her throat.

“Yuck,” I groaned, sickened by not only the sound of his deep gulps, but by the escaping blood trailing down her neck.

Broden made a face at me, his fangs poked out, as his lip drew up.

“Sorry, I meant yum,” I corrected, not to insult him, even though I wanted to barf. “And put those things away.”

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