Happy Six Sentence Sunday! This week I’m returning to WEREWOLVES BE DAMNED – Magic & Mayhem Book One (Entangled Publishing – April 2012). Put together a woman who takes crap from no one, add in three very protective guardians, and what you get is one very pissed off woman!

Three males were deciding my life as if I wasn’t even there or that my opinion didn’t matter. I yelled something close to an obscenity and they all jerked their heads toward me.“I’ve had it! Stop deciding my life for me. If any of you do it once more, I’m going to rip your dicks right off your bodies and shove ‘em in a place you don’t even want to think about. Do you understand me?”

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    Awesome six with sensationally written and totally believable attitude, and that is hard to achieve. Well done, I cheer to your six!

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    well, i’m not sure how she feels … LOL Just kidding. Love her vocalizing exactly what they’re up against. Love a powerful woman. Great six, SK !!!

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    Wonderful characterization! I love a girl who’s not afraid to assert herself. I bet that got everyone in line. Great six!

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