Happy Six Sentence Sunday! This week I’m sharing a snippet from my work-in-progress DEMONICALLY SHADOWED – Frostbite Book Two. Tess in on her first official cold case file, and seeing that she can see and hear ghosts, she should have all the answers. Too bad for the police around her, she doesn’t.

Zach cleared his throat. “I hate to bring this up, but would a person who committed suicide be allowed to crossover?

To heaven was left off, but clearly implied. “If you’re asking me the rules about Heaven, you’re going to be waiting a while since I have no idea. But I’ve helped a ghost who committed suicide before and she appeared to crossover. I didn’t see Satan with his pitchfork come and take her away.”

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    Well, of course they cross over–they just may have to cross back sooner than they want to straighten things out. Oh, wait. You weren’t asking ME the question. Sorry. Got caught up in the scene. Nice Six!


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