Claimed hit the USA Today Bestseller list!!!

Excuse me while I go faint!! Readers, you ROCK! THANK YOU!!! <3


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    Congratulations on ur bestsellers status. It was definitely well deserved. I love this book and couldn’t put it down. I literally read it in one sitting. But of course now I’m left wanting more. Will you continue the story of Master Dimitri and Presley, or is this the last time I will see them? If so thanks for such a good read anyway.

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    Hi Samantha!

    Thanks!! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Dmitri and Presley. You will continue to see them in each book of the series, and will get to see their relationship grow. Though the next books are centered around the other Masters, we will still have moments with Dmitri and Presley. Not to worry–I’m not ready to give them up either!! ­čśÇ

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