Hiya Lovelies!

We are around two weeks away from the release of Restrained Under His Duty, squee! From now until release day I will be sharing sexy book teasers with you, so check the blog daily or make sure you follow me on social media.



“Hadley,” I say sternly, reminding her that this is a bad idea.

“Ryder,” she whispers back, begging me to change my mind.

I’m fighting to keep my feet firmly on the ground. This is a game we play, she and I.

I set the limits.

She pushes against them.



  1. Brenda Reynolds says

    LOVED the book, oh snap the entire series and the Club Sin Series as well. I left feedback on Goodreads and as soon as Amazon allows reviews, I’ll post one there too. Waiting none to patiently for Gabe’s book…. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

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