Scrabble Scramble!

Are you all ready to Scrabble Scramble?

What is it? An online game for a chance to learn some more about some authors you may not yet know, check in with some authors you do, and have some fun while entering to win some great prizes!

Go to LITERAL ADDICTION or BOOK MONSTER REVIEWS for full contest details!

AND…don’t forget to search my website for the answer to the above question. HAVE FUN!


  1. dawnmomoffour says

    This is so much fun! Thanks for participating and giving us a chance at fabulous prizes!
    Your book is yet another one on my TBR list ūüôā
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

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    That place looks incredible!It reminds me of a lot of the stuff we saw this weekend on the TV show American Pickers. Not sure if you get it, but its on the History channel, and it involves two guys going around to people's houses and finding those things in basements and barns. Totally fascinating.

  10. says

    Fanatastic.I have always turned my hot tub off in the winter and Ive never given any thought to leaving it on. Feel a bit silly after reading this. Makes perfect sense and yes the sound of sitting in my jacuzzi in the snow and steam does sound like a right old treat.

  11. says

    Selv klarte jeg ikke √ɬ• komme meg gjennom M√ɬľllers Hjertedyr. Som litteraturstudent den gang syntes jeg skrivem√ɬ•ten var interessant, men sp√ɬłrs om jeg som lystleser noen gang vil plukke opp noe av henne igjen…

  12. says

    While it was no surprise to see that President Obama snared 94 percent of African Americans surveyed, the presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney got nuthin’, zilch, niente, a big fat 0 percent. "———–All that confirms is that BLACKS ARE RACIST.

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