~WIN a paperback of ONE SINFUL NIGHT~

I’ve got one copy of One Sinful Night up for grabs! Leave a comment with your email address. One winner will be drawn on January 20, 2012 to receive a signed paperback of One Sinful Night!

Good luck and thank you for your support! Much love!

Where fantasies become a sinful reality

One Sinful Night features the following novellas by Stacey Kennedy…

Shadowed Soul
Forever Bound
Somewhere in Between
All She Wants for Christmas is Her Dom


“The author brings together the perfect blend of fantasy and eroticism that weaves a sizzling tale of discovery and acceptance that ends in such a way that will leave you with a warm smile of satisfaction. ” Forever Bound – Night Owl Romance

“Get out the fan and ice water and keep them close by – you’ll need them.” Shadowed Soul – Bitten by Paranormal Romance

“Takedown is a tantalizing short read that’s sure to spice up your day!” Takedown – Romancing the Darkside

“Somewhere in Between is a suspenseful romantic story filled with strong characters and passion!” Somewhere in Between – Sizzling Hot Books

“With this little book, Kennedy manages to mix the sexy and the sweet in equal measures, making this a fabulous short read!” All She Wants for Christmas is Her Dom – Under the Cover Reviews


  1. feliciamarie says

    YUMMMMM – this sounds BEYOND great – I think that I am melting just reading about it!

  2. Stacey Jo says

    Stopping by to say HI and hope you are feeling better Stacey 🙂 And since I’m a total book whore….I may as well admit it <3 Thank you for posting this Carrie Ann! Hope you went easy on the kitty 🙂 LOL

    Huge hugs!

    stacey jo

    at yahoo

  3. Melissa Lamb says

    I would love to win this!!! I love your books Stacey! 🙂
    Enter me into the drawing, please!!!


  4. StacieD says

    Oh my goodness! So many great novellas on my wish list in the same book! Please count me in and thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  5. Eva P. says

    How cool is that to have your 1NS stories in one book, would love to have it in hands too! 🙂

  6. Brittplus3 says

    I’m a stay at home mom too…with 15 month old twins, and 3 year old…lol! I would be so thankful to have another amazing read by you. I use the kids nap time to indulge…haha.


  7. Brittplus3 says

    I’m a stay at home mom too…with 15 month old twins, and 3 year old…lol! I would be so thankful to have another amazing read by you. I use the kids nap time to indulge…haha.


  8. Stacey Kennedy says

    Congrats to Tamara Hoffa for winning this contest! Thanks to everyone who entered! 😉

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  31. says

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