Write until I drop dead weekend w/giveaway! (@GordonGina, #WERetreat)

Okay, peeps, it’s a writing weekend with my pal, Gina Gordon! I have two novels and one novella all due in June. Laziness is no longer acceptable! I’ve downloaded Write or Die, and I have coffee!

Today’s goal: 5000 words. When I reach that goal, I’m going to give a book away! And the best part, I’ll be doing the same on Sunday. I’ll be posting updates all day. Make sure to comment so I can add you to the list for the giveaway (here or on any of the updates)! Check back soon!!


  1. heather says

    You two ladies write some good books. Good luck on your word count and have a cupcake with your coffee.

  2. PhyllisM says

    Ok..so I left my comment in the wrong place! Just have not had enough coffee this morning! Anyway, hope the words just flow for you and that you reach well beyond 5K! I’m going to be sinking into Werewolves Be Damned soon! Lucky Me! 🙂

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