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Happily Ever Afters

lovers walking in a field at sunset holding hands
Young romantic couple is kissing and enjoying the company of each other.
Shot of young woman being carried by her boyfriend in grass field. Couple having fun on their summer holiday.

A gripping, heart-pounding romance from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy about a former FBI agent who will do anything it takes to protect his ex, or risk losing her for good…

Asher Sullivan was once Remy Brennan’s entire world–until he broke her heart into a million pieces. So when Asher crashes her wedding, Remy is certain he’s come to claim her. To make her his again. Instead, it turns out Remy’s groom is a con man scheming for her inheritance. Now all she’s left with is an empty bank account, a serious case of lust for her gorgeous ex…and a duffel bag of cold, hard cash that might just fix all her problems.

Detective Asher Sullivan has always protected Remy. So when dangerous criminals start threatening her, Asher’s most primitive instincts take over. Sticking by Remy’s side means Asher is finally able to make amends for leaving her all those years ago. And soon they’re giving in to their wicked, insatiable need. But just as Asher gets his second chance, a secret Remy is keeping could rip her away from him…forever.

“Fun, suspenseful, and wickedly delicious.” ⁠—Goodreads Reviewer on Wicked Sinner

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