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September 10, 2024

He makes wrong oh so right…

Boston is abuzz with the arrival of Aphrodite, an AI program that revolutionizes the way people connect. It claims to have an unbeatable matching algorithm, but there’s a secret that lingers within this flashy new app—a flaw that could shatter the illusion of true love. The program matches based on sexual attraction, not on emotional connection.

When Aphrodite pairs Quinn with Theo, a devastatingly handsome businessman, she finds herself tangled in a web of irresistible attraction. Their first date ends in a scorching encounter, leaving Quinn breathless and craving more. But when dawn breaks, she discovers their differences run deeper than their sizzling chemistry.

Theo, a determined developer with ambitious dreams, has worked day and night to transform a park into a modern high-rise. Unyielding in his pursuit of success, he sees no value in preserving an old, rundown park. But Quinn, the stunning woman who melted under his touch, turns out to be the passionate environmentalist fighting him fervently to protect the park from destruction.

With their opposing beliefs clashing at every turn, sparks fly as Quinn and Theo engage in fiery debates. Yet, beneath the surface, an intense attraction leads them back into each other’s arms, allowing Quinn to live out her hottest fantasies with a man determined to fulfill them. But soon, Quinn and Theo discover that their desire is as relentless as the forces that pull them apart. Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, Theo and Quinn will have to decide if they’re undeniable connection is worth risking their careers… and their hearts.

October 22, 2024

You can hide from your past…but you can’t escape it—not even with a hot cowboy and a Christmas craft circle—in this lively and poignant romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Stacey Kennedy.

Everyone daydreams about a fresh start…but Willow Quinn is making it happen. She’s left her life in Phoenix to open a bar in cowboy-country Montana with her two best friends. It’s a chance to reboot in a new town with a new life—and leave behind the shadows of her past and heal. Hopefully.

All she wants to do is create an empowering space for women who need support. Snow and the holidays are on the way, so surely a craft circle is the perfect way to build community… Except who knew her plans would ruffle so many feathers.

Enter former bull rider Eli Cole. She’s drawn to the green-eyed cowboy, his intensity and the electrical charge between them. (Even though he seems to have as many dark secrets as she does.) And when she and her bar, The Naked Moose, go viral for being interlopers, suddenly Willow’s new life is on rocky ground.

But Eli has the perfect solution—give the fiercely single bar owner a fake relationship with a local. But while it might dim the negative spotlight and convince the town she really does fit in, it definitely won’t protect her heart from the cowboy she can’t resist…

A new secret series coming soon….