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January 9, 2024

USA Today bestselling author, Stacey Kennedy returns to the mysterious world of the Phoenix club for this final chapter, where desire can be dangerous.  

Retired Navy SEAL, Hawke Foster, thought his days of danger were over. But when he takes a job as security detail at Phoenix, an exclusive sex club in New York City, he’s proven wrong. A sophisticated surveillance device has been found in the club and Hawke knows he needs a top private investigator. Enter Penny Larson: sharp-witted, fearless, and absolutely stunning.

When Penny agreed to investigate, she never expected to team up with the handsome and enigmatic Hawke. As they work together to unravel the truth behind the device, they are drawn to each other in ways they never expected, igniting a passion between them that cannot be denied.

But soon, the investigation heats up, and Hawke and Penny find themselves facing off against some of the most dangerous and powerful figures in the city. They know they have only one shot at stopping the looming threat… and failure could cost them everything.

February 20 2024

A sharp, emotional novel about a tough-minded bar owner who makes a deal with a devil of a cowboy—and might just get burned…

Moving to Montana to buy a dive bar with her two best friends sounds like a can’t-miss idea to Charly Henwood. The scenery is breathtaking, and the cowboys aren’t bad-looking either. Not that Charly’s interested. Her heart is as unmovable as the surrounding mountains. After her cheating ex-boyfriend destroyed their relationship and their nightclub, she’s determined to take care of herself, her friends and their bar.

But it turns out the regulars resent newcomers swapping their craft beer for an extensive cocktail menu. One is particularly not happy—The Naked Moose’s previous owner, Jaxon Reed. The last thing Charly needs is a cocky cowboy telling her how to run her bar, or her life. But maybe she can use Jaxon to her advantage. If he’ll agree to be the prize in a charity auction, Charly will make the bar a little more cowboy-friendly.

When that plan backfires, Charly finds herself doing battle with the biggest temptation in Timber Falls. A man who has made it his mission to win her over, using every infernal means at his disposal. And if her resolve goes up in flames, her heart is sure to follow…

September 10, 2024

He makes wrong oh so right…

Boston is abuzz with the arrival of Aphrodite, an AI program that revolutionizes the way people connect. It claims to have an unbeatable matching algorithm, but there’s a secret that lingers within this flashy new app—a flaw that could shatter the illusion of true love. The program matches based on sexual attraction, not on emotional connection.

When Aphrodite pairs Quinn with Theo, a devastatingly handsome businessman, she finds herself tangled in a web of irresistible attraction. Their first date ends in a scorching encounter, leaving Quinn breathless and craving more. But when dawn breaks, she discovers their differences run deeper than their sizzling chemistry.

Theo, a determined developer with ambitious dreams, has worked day and night to transform a park into a modern high-rise. Unyielding in his pursuit of success, he sees no value in preserving an old, rundown park. But Quinn, the stunning woman who melted under his touch, turns out to be the passionate environmentalist fighting him fervently to protect the park from destruction.

With their opposing beliefs clashing at every turn, sparks fly as Quinn and Theo engage in fiery debates. Yet, beneath the surface, an intense attraction leads them back into each other’s arms, allowing Quinn to live out her hottest fantasies with a man determined to fulfill them. But soon, Quinn and Theo discover that their desire is as relentless as the forces that pull them apart. Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, Theo and Quinn will have to decide if they’re undeniable connection is worth risking their careers… and their hearts.