“Get Your Name In My Book” Contest #2


The contest: Name a restaurant in my upcoming book, BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN. The prize: Get a personal thank you in the acknowledgments. The contest is running through my newsletter only, which will go out on Monday. Wanna play?

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN

Hello my lovely readers,

We are 60 days away from the final CLUB SIN book, MINE. While it’s a bit hard to believe that we will soon be saying goodbye to our beloved club in Las Vegas, I am so ridiculously excited to share the new, DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS series with you. I’m nearly finished writing the first story in the series, BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN, and my heart has found new hot alpha men to love! I cannot wait for you all to meet Micah, Darius, Gabe, and Ryder. Swoon worthy stuff. And just a little FYI for those of you who might be interested, the first three chapters of BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN are included in MINE. So, you will all get a sneak peek of the new series soon!

Now for more good news. Today, I’m able to share with you the cover of BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN. I gotta say, I am so in LOVE with this cover and I think we’ve found a perfect Micah! Oh, this tormented man flutters the heart! And don’t forget to scroll down to enter the giveaway to enter to win a BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN mug and $25 Amazon gift card.

Bound Beneath His Pain_Stacey Kennedy

The USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin novels kicks off a deeply erotic new series by introducing readers to Micah, a man who takes what he wants—until he meets the one woman he needs.
Real estate mogul Micah Holt exerts absolute control over all aspects of his life. As a founding member of the Dominants Council that oversees San Francisco’s BDSM club scene, he keeps his dark side hidden away in the dungeon. There, he’s always in command of his subs, fearful of what shameful desires might be released if his firm hand should ever slip. Then Allie Bennett shakes his legendary discipline. She’s beautiful, pure, untainted. But is Micah willing to sacrifice her innocence for his own selfish obsessions?

When that sexy smile makes her body burn, Allie tries with all her might to ignore it. For one thing, Micah’s her new boss. For another, he’s as complicated as he is devastatingly handsome. Still, Allie can only fight so much before she gives in to his dangerous games. She knows he’s got dark secrets. But when she discovers the true depth of his pain, Allie must decide how far she’s willing to go to light the way for love.

Bound Beneath His Pain is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences

Can’t wait to grab your copy? You can pre-order BOUND BENEATH HIS PAIN now!


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Club Sin Bundle, baby!

Hi Lovelies!


Now that you’ve met the first three Club Sin masters over the past three weeks, I’d like to mention that each book can be purchased individually or as a part of the Club Sin 4 Book Bundle. The bundle includes CLAIMED, BARED, DESIRED and a bonus book featuring Dmitri’s friend Mary and her new love interest. Their story is FREED.

The Club Sin 4 Book Bundle is available at all major book e-tailers. For more information, visit my website: http://www.staceykennedy.com/

♥ Stacey

iBooks has named me a Rising Star of Romance!!

Wow. Exciting news today. I’ve learned that iBooks has named me a Rising Star of Romance. Honestly, there is not a day that passes that I’m still not pinching myself about how cool this all is. So, to everyone who supports me and my books, THANK YOU!! I’m honoured and touched to be included on this list.

Dream big, friends!

♥ Stacey

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Gina Gordon Giveaway!

**UPDATE: The winners are bn100, Anne R, and Tonya Coleman. Gina will be in contact with you soon!**

I’m so excited to have my pal, Gina Gordon stopping by my blog today. She’s got a new release and is giving away 3 books from her Madewood Brothers series! YAH! Take it away Gina…

Now Available


So happy to be on my friend Stacey Kennedy’s blog today.

Do you know why I love romance books? I love them because each book is familiar. I am a sucker for the classic romance tropes, best friend’s little sister is my favorite. Even though I know the story will end with a happily ever after, it’s the unique characters, motivations and the emotional journey that make each book original. 

My latest release is the final book in the Madewood Brothers series, Recipe for Temptation. It’s a sexy friends-to-lovers vacation fling.

To celebrate my release, I am giving away 3 copies of the first book in the series, Recipe for Satisfaction, in pdf format.  All you have to do is comment below and tell me why you love reading romance. Winners will be picked Friday, August, 21st. 

About Recipe for Temptation:


A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

She’s the woman he loves to hate.

Penn Foster wants a lot of things. She wants a spot on the board of a charitable foundation. She wants to win the stupid, plastic family trophy. And more than anything, she wants her tall, hot, and brooding boss naked in her bed. Now, on a Hawaiian vacation with her family, she’s desperately trying not to think about how he’d sound whispering dirty things in her ear.

He’s the man she can’t have…or can she?

Cole Murphy keeps himself locked down, away from the press and out of the spotlight. Still haunted by a traumatic childhood, his ability to trust has been decimated. Penn, with her sexy body and confidence, is the only person able to drag him out of his shell. Which is why he crashes her vacation and accepts her proposition for no-strings sex. But is the inescapable heat building between them a delicious temptation, or will it end in total disaster?

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About Gina: 

When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream…becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back. 

Gina, a self-proclaimed happily ever after junkie and cupcake connoisseuse, loves spinning contemporary tales of knee bending first kisses, unconditional love and super-hot sex.

When not chained to her computer, you can find Gina sipping Starbucks, making cupcakes or feeding her addiction to celebrity gossip. She lives in Milton, Ontario with her husband and lovable dog.

Website – http://ginagordon.net/

Meet Master Kyler

Hi Lovelies!

Master Kyler’s story is one of the highest rated books in this series. Who’s ready to meet the dom cop and the fifties pin-up inspired beauty with a traumatic past?

As a survivor of domestic violence, Ella wants her past to stay there and move on with her life starting with the “live my life like I’m going to die in six months” challenge. When Kyler met the vanilla beauty and learned of her vow to try new things, it presented the perfect opportunity to introduce her to his lifestyle. When the extent of her abuse came to light, and a nasty confrontation with her soon to be ex-husband brought the shame down on Ella, Kyler couldn’t give her the kind of dominance she insisted upon without her giving him the details of her past first. He needed to know with certainty that she knew the difference between BDSM and abuse.

“She needed him to stop living in her past.

He seemed permanently focused there.”

DESIRED can be purchased individually or as a part of the Club Sin 4 Book Bundle at all major book e-tailers. For more information, visit my website: http://www.staceykennedy.com/


♥ Stacey

Meet Master Aidan

Hi lovelies!

Continuing with the weekly re-introduction of the Club Sin masters, today is Master Aidan’s turn.

Though Aidan and Cora have been scening together for two years exclusively, their D/ s relationship stayed in the dungeon with no hope of venturing out of it. They cared for one another, but Cora had fallen for her unattainable Master. Until Aidan faced his demons of losing the love of his life and former sub, in his own time, Cora was determined to set aside her own needs in the hopes he’d come around and see what was in front of him. But one harmless question from Presley set a downward spiral in motion, forcing Aidan and Cora to reevaluate their relationship.

BARED can be purchased individually or as a part of the Club Sin 4 Book Bundle at all major book e-tailers. For more information, visit my website: http://www.staceykennedy.com/


♥ Stacey

Meet Master Dmitri

With the Club Sin series slowly coming to an end, I wanted to (re-) introduce you to the Masters who made ovaries explode and set hearts aflutter, starting with Club Sin’s owner, Master Dmitri.

“I can’t help think you live a busy life, surrounded by so many people, but it’s lonely.”

Apparently, she had stunned him. He froze and didn’t blink, so she hurried along. “You carry all this responsibility and always look out for everyone else. Doing everything and anything to ensure that those around you have what they need in their life. But when does someone get to take care of you, Dmitri?”

Dmitri opened Club Sin in honor of his late mentor, passing the rules and ways Charles had lived by on to others. Dmitri also kept his promise to Charles by making sure his widow Mary and their children were well provided for. Dmitri is selfless, fair, kind, and likes to see everyone he cares about healthy, happy and living up to their full potential. You can learn more about him, and about the woman who showed him that he too deserved everything he readily bestowed upon others in CLAIMED.

CLAIMED can be purchased individually or as a part of the Club Sin 4 Book Bundle at all major book e-tailers. For more information, visit my website:http://www.staceykennedy.com/books/


Winner: Name a hotel in BOUND BENEATH YOUR PAIN

Hello Lovelies!

First, I would like to send a big thank you to everyone who entered the “Name a hotel in BOUND BENEATH YOUR PAIN” contest. The response was awesome, and your suggestions were even more incredible. I had a very hard time picking just one. But the moment I inputted one suggestion into the story, it simply felt right!

So . . . the winner is:

Myra Espino with the hotel name of “Phoenix”

I hope you all love these contests as much as I do. It’s super fun to get your ideas in this book, too. Stay tuned for next month when a jewellery store will need a name.


♥ Stacey 



Commanded Giveaway Winners!

Hello my lovely readers,

Commanded’s giveaway has ended, which means prizes. Yah! So, here we go, the winners are:

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Kassandra, Hope and Brandi are the winners of the Club Sin Keepsake. And Kate, Joanne, and Suzanne and the winners of the Club Sin audio books.

Thanks everyone for entering and for celebrating the release of Commanded with me. It truly means the world to me, and I’ve really appreciated all your emails and all your love. Up next is the seventh and final book in the series, Mine, releasing in October. Wanna learn more? You can find it here.

Can you believe the Club Sin series is almost over?! I can’t. But don’t be too sad, Bound Beneath His Pain is coming out in February, and Micah won’t disappoint. Promise!

♥ Stacey

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