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Dear Readers,

A big THANK YOU for all of your amazing support, kind emails, and for the love that you shower me with everyday! Today to pay the love forward I’m going to give away three signed print copies of PACT OF SEDUCTION to each of the following:

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To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post with your most embarrassing moment!

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~Stacey xoxo

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    Have now “Twice” spilled iced tea in my lap on the way back from picking up lunch for myself and co-worker. Now I keep a spare change of clothes in the car since I have needed my Mom to come to my work with a change of clothes…Twice….

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    I had some thin cotton capri’s, and I got them caught on the seatbelt thingy in the car, and ripped them clear up the entire side since they were so thin. And I definitely was not at home!!

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    My embarrassing moment is when I came out of a store and spotted my car well a car that looked like mine I walked up to it and climbed in only to find out it wasnt mine at all the man sitting in the passenger seat was very kind about telling me he thinks I have the wrong car.

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    Hello Stacey! My most embarrassing moment, that would be the day we went to Six Flags Theme Park and my Sir at the time was challenging my limits about public display of affection so he ordered me not to wear anything beneath my skirt, he thought we should start out the challenge in a dark place where he could take his time and bring me to orgasm, sooo we rode Monster Plantation which is a boat ride for families in a dark haunted mansion, so we are in the back of the boat he is bringing me to pleasure and tells me I am not allowed to Gorgas until given permission…. I should have known this was not going to be easy. we are nearing the end of the ride where the music stops and the lights come back into view and just as we exit the tunnel I really need to orgasm and of course that is the moment he tells me to, soooo there I am, his hand up inside me, my skirt at my waist legs spread and my never quiet moment happens as we exit the tunnel…. the previously empty lines were now standing with children and adults. I am not able to hold onto or keep my orgasm back once I am there so red faced and breathing heavy I let it go and he simply smirks at his achievement. Soooo Monster Plantation will forever be burned into my memories and well we were kindly asked never to return to that side of the park. Once you have a PDA moment of those heights most other PDA moments are simply foreplay.

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    First day on the job, I bought a new pair of pants. 3 hours into the shift, the inseam from the crotch to the knee unraveled. I hastily went to the bathroom and used medical tape to hold the edges together and stood behind counters or sat at a desk as much as I could until my shift was over.

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    My most embarrassing moment was accidentally flashing my boobs at a work party! For the rest of the night I had my friends doing boob checks to make sure I didn’t flash again!

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    When I was in junior high, I was in a dress and heels and I was walking down the stairs to the first floor and proceeded to fall on my butt about 6 steps. Hurt like hell.

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    thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂 Ummm… in college, my backpack was so heavy that when I was going up some stairs, I somersaulted backwards from the weight.

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    I walked out the bathroom at work with the paper toilet seat tucked into the waistband of my pants. A good looking man ran up to me and just whispered in my ear “You should go back to the bathroom.”

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    I am such a klutz, it’s hard to narrow it down to a single most embarrassing moment. I suppose it’s probably that time I was at a HUGE conference at the PEABODY (you know, the famous hotel that has the ducks that march down the red carpet a few times a day???), and I was leaving with a friend. We were preparing to check out and we’d been shopping while we were there and we had our arms full of bags, pulling luggage. I had on a suit (with skirt), heels that went clackety-clack on the lovely marble and the full deal. Of course this is timed exactly when the ducks are marching and there are AT LEAST 3000 people watching on both levels and I made the LOUDEST clacking noises as I slid across the marble, tumbled head over heels, my packages burst open and scattered EVERYWHERE, my skirt went up to my nether regions, and I broke my toe, pulled a muscle in my back, and landed at the feet of a bellhop who just turned his nose up at me and watched down it as I scittered across the floor like a bug and gathered my possessions. My friend abandoned me (can you blame her?) in my misery, and of course people were laughing. I finally limped in agony out the door and found my friend howling against a marble column outside, tears streaming down her face, with another bellhop asking if she was okay. I stumbled beside her and said, “SHE is FINE! I on the other hand, am not so fine. I have a broken toe! She abandoned me!” He didn’t believe that she was laughing! He thought she’d received bad news and was grieving. Finally, she looked at me and saw that I really did have a broken toe and was walking like Baba Yaga. She still howls about it to this day. I haven’t been back to the Peabody. I’m not sure they’d want me there. The ducks probably haven’t recovered from the trauma.

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    So one time I was at the gym and I had to.. you know …let some gas and i thought it would be a little small one. Nope. I had headphones on and I could here it. I had to change gyms.

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    After 15 minutes I finally remembered my the most embarrassing moment.
    It happened 2 years ago on national dance competition. We had very complex choreography, we used chairs as props ( we throw them in the air and such). We started really well with a lot of energy and such, but then the chair part happened. I brought my chair on the stage and almost missed my cue for sit on it so i wanted to be quick as possible. I had speed and in every scenario i should had landed on that damn chair perfectly like all the times before, but i still don’t know how i slipped on the chair (with my butt) and fall down and broke a chair! on the stage during the dance routine on national competition. we came on 5th place after that.

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    My most embarrassing moment was while I was traveling for a business conference where I was supposed to host a training class. However, when my flight arrived, neither my luggage or my training materials appeared to have made the connecting flight with me. It turns out I was in Toledo, OH and my luggage was in London, England. I ended up not being able to host my first day class and had to buy a new wardrobe since I had traveled in jeans and a t-shirt. The outfit was definitely NOT business appropriate! I had to explain it to both work and the client and apologize profusely!

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    My most embarassing moment was going up an escalator and trying to get a sweater off and hitting the man behind me in his personal space.

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    Last winter, we had a really bad storm and tree’s were falling everywhere. One fell on the roof of our house…My Husband had to call the city workers to come and remove he tree. They never said when they would be here, only that they would. I almost always walk around my house naked when I get out of the shower…well on this day it was no different. Needless to say, outside of my bedroom window is the deck to our front door. When the 3 men from the city arrived at my house to remove the tree…you guessed it…I was standing in my room just out of the shower getting dressed. They all seen me naked! When I got dressed and answered the door, I said how sorry I was and they all said it’s ok, that they weren’t sorry at all and that it was the highlight of their day!!! lol I almost died!

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    Back in eighth grade, I started my period while wearing white pants. I found out as I was leaving the cafeteria, a so-called friend came up and told me – rather loudly – that I had a stain on my backside (only she said it less tactfully). I’ve never worn white pants since!

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    In high school I had a favorite pair of jeans and I wore them all the time. Problem was they were skin tight. One time I wore them…the last time…I had to get something from the bottom of my locker and as I squat down the entire right outer seam, from my knee to mid calf to nearly mid thigh split right open. It was between classes too so the halls were full and the sound was LOUD so everyone in the immediate area paused and just stared. Needless to say I rushed home to chance and didn’t quite make it back for the rest of my classes that day haha. It’s funny to me now YEARS later but back then…not so much.

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    Fell in the the parkinglot when walking into the company’s yearly sales meeting. Didn’t realize how bad the fall was until someone pointed out that I had bloody knees, and asked if I was ok. Way to make an impression!

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    Great giveaway! Thanks so much for offering it!

    My most embarrassing moment had to be when I leaned up against something wet. Having DDD’s, I had two wet circles right where my nipples were…..wearing a white shirt. Everyone could see everything! (and I had no way of changing)

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    Thanks for the giveaway.
    My most embarrassing moment was when I went to a party and sat down on the couch to talk to some friends and the couch broke. All four legs just collapsed. Did I forget to mention I was wearing a teeny tiny thong that everyone saw?

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    Thank you for the giveaway chance. I guess the most embarassing moment would be the night I was out with a group of friends and a really cute guy I liked. We went out to eat and after dinner we got ready to leave and notice neither my roommate or I had the car keys (yep they were locked in the car). While my roommate waited with the car mr. cutie drove me back to our apartment for the spare keys to the car. This was defintely not a planned thing but did work out to get to no each other better, just mortified that we both forgot to take the keys out of the ignition.

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    My embarrassing moment was when the elastic in my half-slip broke and my slip started falling down way below my skirt. I stopped, took it off, and walked (red-faced) on to my office.

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    This was when I was in High School. I walked into a class room sat down and every one was staring at me I didn’t see anyone I knew than I realized I was in the wrong class room..

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    During an animal husbandry class at my university (a top ag school), one of the instructors asked everyone to line up against the wall before he proceeded to slaughter a pig (don’t ask why this was part of the class … we performed all manner of tasks including palpating goats). He said the reason was to avoid injury should any of the student pass out at the sight of the blood. I though I was tough!! I FAINTED DEAD AWAY in front of all my classmates and the instructors, sliding gently down the wall into a heap. When I came to, I was MORTIFIED. The only field I work in now is the field of law. No blood, yay!

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    My late father would fart in the isle’s at the supermarkets or like Walmart and then blame it on me while saying it stunk and walking away. And don’t ever (and I’m 40 now) say something like “oh wow he’s hot” in front of your mother at the age of 22 cause she has no problem telling that person that her daughter said he was HOT.

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    On a first date I wore a dress with those super thin straps. As we’re leaving we see some friends and stop to say hello. As I’m getting a hugs one of my froend’s bracelet snags the strap on my shoulder. When she goes to mover her arm my strap breaks! Yes, breaks….and hello world, meet my right breast. Everyone stops talking around us and the guy I’m with is trying desperately to pull up my dress and ends up with a handful of boob instead of the dress. I wanted to just disappear. Then to make matters worse one of the guys my friends were with blurts out”wow, you have beautiful breats!” Needless to say it’s one date I’ll never forget!

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    One of my most embarrassing moments was when I had a big crush on my History teacher on the 8th grade. I wanted to impress him an asked a friend to come with me to his class after school. I thought I looked so cool in my new shoes with the quarter inch heel and as I walked into the classroom he looked up and I went skidding across the floor and ended up doing the splits and landed right in front of his desk. lol All I heard was my friend laughing louder then I’d ever heard her while my face was on fire from the shame. lol lol He was great though and said he knew he was a good teacher so need to bow to him. 🙂 But to a 13 year old it was devastating.
    Carol L

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    My twin sister and I traded places one time when we were in college and dating each other’s boyfriends when we went to a dance…we were exposed by some girlfriends who called out our real names when talking to us. Very embarrassing. Needless to say the evening did not turn out well.

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    Embarassing moments I have several seems I always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time for everyone else anyhow. One of my moments was when I attended a concert i had not been well and I fainted and was caught by one of the sexy security guard I woke to find two hot guards and the lead singer of the band trying to work out if it was the lead singer or alcohol that made me pass out. When they realised I didn’t smell of alcohol the deduced that it was my love for the band their expressions were priceless when I said I had been unwell with a virus and didn’t even know the band before that night.

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    oh god, theres so many i cant remember them all!!!! The most regular constant embarrassment is probably my labrador – dont get me wrong, totally love her, but god she has a problem with wind…..and oh its just rank!!! We have to sit with air freshener inbetween us so whoever smells it first sprays!!!

    Kinda lame, but in defense i have a lousy memory!!

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    Coming out of a son’s school to get in my car with my son. My car and an identical one were side by side, I kept trying to unlock the wrong car with my remote key. Son was laughing so hard at me, and students around us were looking at us very strange.

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    Unfortunately it was recently and very cliché. I was attending my granddaughter’s softball carnival and after a mad rush and long wait to use the rest room, I was walking out when no less than three women said….”Ooops toilet paper”. Yes I was trailing white paper behind me!!!

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    Well, I got into the wrong car when I was witing for my boyfriend to pick me up. I don`t know what I was thinking, but I just entered. I didn`t even notice, but I tried to kiss him and saw a complete stranger in from of me. God, it was emparrasing 🙂 I just mumbled sorry and run out. That`s when my boyfriend came 🙂

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    I was walking to my car after work and the weather had made a change for the worse. The wind was blowing hard, it was snowing and the parking lot was covered in ice. I was decked out in my business suit, and killer heels, not ideal for the weather but I felt good. I noticed a group of males walking my way…hot males…they were pointing my way. I thought I would give a little swing to my hips just for good measure. What was I thinking….. my feet came up over my head and I landed on my behind. One of the guys came over to help me up and asked if I was ok. I shook my head and limped to the car. So embarassing!

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    One of my most embarssing moments was when I sang a number of solos in a college musical (Ten Nights In A Bar room, a Temperence musical). I was dressed in a fancy saloon girl type dress & as I went on stage the hem/ruffle on the dress ripped (loudly). Later during the musical I FORGOT the words to one of the most dramatic songs in a scene. The unfaithful wife has come crawling back to her husband to beg forgivness (and money ). And I forgot the lyrics!. I’ve gotten over it as time passed & can laugh at it now (I still sing & do solos 😉 )

    Mindy 🙂

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