Genre: Contemporary Erotica
ISBN: 22940011273988
Original Publication Date: April 20, 2011


Josie Harper had boyfriends, lovers, and even friends with benefits. None of them could satisfy her. Something had always been missing—something she was now desperate to find.

Gavin Scott longed for the perfect submissive. A woman worthy of the gift he could give to her as a Dom. Most failed to meet his expectations and he’d all but given up hope.

A high class match-maker in Las Vegas brings Josie and Gavin together. Tonight, Gavin will introduce Josie to the world of BDSM. As he skillfully guides her through the experience, Josie isn’t the only one captivated. Gavin is in awe of her control, someone this new to the lifestyle shouldn’t possess this great of a talent.

During their journey, Josie will find the missing piece of her soul and Gavin will meet the woman who was born to submit to him.

*Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.


“This story drew me in and kept me reading. It’s emotionally hot and very well written. I think anyone who likes BDSM stories needs to meet Gavin and Josie, I think you’ll like them.”—Two Lips Reviews

“Forever Bound – a novella layered with emotional depth that delivers! It’s not easy to write a short and spicy story but I consider this a perfect novella to wet your feet in light BDSM if you’ve never read this sub-genre in romance. The author brings together the perfect blend of fantasy and eroticism that weaves a sizzling tale of discovery and acceptance that ends in such a way that will leave you with a warm smile of satisfaction. “—Night Owl Romance – TOP PICK

“I was so giddy when Stacey announced she was trying her hand at writing a BDSM story. I’ve recently fallen in love with this theme in my romance and I couldn’t wait to see what she’d do. For me, Stacey’s books have always packed a powerful punch and given this is a short story, I was hoping that I would still get a taste, as well as the heat that comes the Dom/sub dynamics. Let me tell you – Stacey definitely knows how to deliver and my only disappointment was it just wasn’t long enough. But… she could write an epic 1000 page novel and I’d still say it wasn’t long enough. Forever Bound was a fun short story that had great chemistry between the two characters and left me sighing at the end! I had no problem picturing what was happening and it definitely got my blood pumping. Good gosh this was HOT!”The Bookish Snob

“This tantalizing novella leaps straight from the frying pan into the fire…

Ms. Kennedy has written an exceptionally erotic tale that includes the essentials of BDSM – all within the constraints of a novella. BTW, if you’re wondering what Josie found when she opened the door: Ropes and ….. ”—Bitten by Paranormal Romance 

“Wow! Very Intense! HOT! Great Insight of introduction into the BDSM World! For a short story, you definitely get the full visual insight of torture and pleasure effect that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.”—Queentutt’s World of Escapism


Josie couldn’t breathe. Unable to move. What would happen now? A stranger was going to do God knew what with her, and as much as she should be frightened, she had no fear. Arousal touched every part of her body.

His dark eyes held a note she’d never seen in a man before. More than confidence—he exuded arrogance.

“My rules are simple.” His voice rumbled through the room and her breathing hitched. “From here on out, you will answer me with yes or no.”

She nodded, soon realizing she’d defied him, so followed up by saying, “Yes.” To her surprise she shifted on her feet and felt wetness in her panties. Could she be aroused already? Apparently so.

“For tonight we will use the safeword, Castillo.” He went on, “At any point if you cannot handle what I give to you, use the word and I will stop.”


He stepped away from her, his intense gaze on hers, and she felt his stare to the bottom of her toes. Heat rushed through her before it concentrated between her thighs.


The simple word should have made her uncomfortable. However, it didn’t, not with his molten gaze on her, and the power held there. She’d come there for a reason. The lifestyle made her wet whenever she thought of it. All of which had to mean something, and she needed to discover why it turned her on so much.

With force, she pushed away any and all shyness, and removed her clothing until she stood in front of him, nude, her hands trembling a little.

Gavin strode over to the single rope on the floor, picked it up and came back toward her. Doubling the rope, he stepped in behind her and wrapped it around her neck so it dangled down to her legs. “This is about testing your limits. Awakening a part of yourself you never knew existed.” He came to stand in front of her and tied the ends so the knot rested just above her breasts. “These bindings offer a way to free yourself. The ability to move is stolen from you, which heightens your other senses.”

Josie’s body burned. The heavy rope on her skin aroused her beyond measure. She hadn’t known what he planned to do, but now with the nylon ties on her…nothing had ever felt so perfect.

“I’m going to push you.” He made another knot resting just below her breasts. Then, he took the rope and wrapped it around her back where he tied a third knot. “You will be brought to a place where you are going to want to use your safeword, but restrain yourself. You’re able to handle more than you think.”

He brought the rope back to the front where he wrapped it first underneath her breasts, then above them.

She trembled. His touch so delicate and not at all what she expected from a Dom. Every deliberate wrap around her torso, and his undeniable skill, kicked her arousal up a notch.

As he wrapped it a final time under her breasts, he moved behind her again. There, he tied another knot between her shoulder blades. Bending, he took the other, smaller piece of twine and reached around to bind her wrists together.

By the time he’d finished, Josie’s upper torso had been decorated by the rope. The inability to untie herself should have frightened her, considering it left her vulnerable to a man she knew nothing about. Yet, his soft touch, the tightness of the strands hugging her body, left her calm. Safe.