Genre: Contemporary Erotica
ISBN: 2940011335716
Original Publication Date: June 5, 2011


U.S. Marshal Wyatt Tanning has been on the hunt for a killer on the run in Turks and Caicos. A week into the investigation, he has absolutely nothing to show for his efforts. Feeling defeated he returns to Castillo Resort to drown his frustrations. There he meets UFC fighter, Rye Daniels. Now the resort’s bartender, Rye recognizes a man that has been beaten down, but he also senses a shared attraction that is hard to ignore. Wyatt might not be ready to step out from behind the shadow of lies, but Rye will stop at nothing to unleash the beast within.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.


“This may be a short story but it is one hot hell’va short story. Ms. Stacey definitely delivers a story worth reading…. But she also leaves you wanting to know more of what would happen to Wyatt and Rye and what about the bounty on Katrina’s head?” —Night Owl Reviews – TOP PICK

“Wow…that’s the one word I was left with after reading this novella. I’m fairly new to the m/m erotic romance genre but can say these two characters have some of the best chemistry I have read in a while! I love how the author creates two alpha male characters who give into their desires even if just for one night. The story is fast paced, centering around these two characters and the encounter between these two sexy men is scorching to say the least. Wyatt and Rye’s passion will leave you wanting more. Takedown is a tantalizing short read that’s sure to spice up your day!” —Romancing the Darkside

“Stacey Kennedy your writing talents go above and beyond expectations. Your writing is brilliant and creative. This little M-M Short Story was so hot and arousing as hell that it left me smiling and chuckling out loud and wondering where the hell my hubby was so I could pounce on him immediately so I fulfill my sexual appetite – LOL” —Queentutt’s World of Escapism

“Well now – that’s a hook-up! And I would expect no less from Ms. Kennedy and Decadent’s 1NS series. The cover alone lets the reader know they are in-store for hot deliciousness!

Both Wyatt and Rye, separately, contacted 1NS dating service months ago, hoping the agency would be able to connect them with a female of their dreams; if only for one night. What they don’t expect is their mutual attraction toward each other. Wyatt is hesitant to acknowledge his emotions because of his position as a U.S. Marshall. Whereas, Rye has no doubts about how he feels for the rough and rugged Wyatt. The initial seduction of Wyatt is volatile and what immediately follows between the two alphas is explosive.” —Bitten by Paranormal Romance 

“I blazed through this novella so quickly that I wished it was a full-length book! Also, this book has great characters that are strong on their own, but when paired together, they are explosive! I LOVED Rye! I thought he was so sexy in the arrogant way he carried himself. And then there’s Wyatt, a U.S. Marshall who finally gets the break he deserves. These two guys sizzle on the page and I’d like to read about them some more!” —Under the Covers 

“If you are looking for a quick hot read this is definitely the book for you. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting and would enjoy seeing more of Wyatt and Rye in the future but whether I do or not I will be sure to pick up more books from this wonderful author. “ —Forbidden Bookshelf


Rye opened his jaw to stretch out the muscles. He hadn’t expected the hit, nor prepared for it. The challenge increased. Adrenaline spiked in his body and arousal tore through him. He wanted Wyatt and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Pouncing off the floor, he plowed into Wyatt to send them smashing back into the wall. A loud crack declared they’d just dented the plaster.

Wyatt didn’t flinch. He shot back by pushing Rye onto the ground and squeezing his thighs around his waist, pinning his shoulders to the ground in an attempt to hold him there. “Stay where you are. Do you have any idea who I am?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.” Rye thrust underneath with his hips to release the hold and the pressure eased enough to allow him to rise back up on his knees. He shoved with all his might, sending Wyatt back and then flipped him over so they reversed positions.

With Wyatt face down, Rye placed his knee on his back, using all his weight to pin him. His left leg stretched out beside him to maintain his balance in a move learned long ago through UFC training.

As expected, Wyatt flung his arm back to get a hit, but Rye was ready, grabbed him behind the elbow, trapping his arm behind him making him defenseless. Wyatt grunted, sounding both annoyed and in pain.

“Do you yield?” Rye’s voice sounded through clenched teeth, using all his strength to hold Wyatt to the ground. Wyatt held more power than some of the fighters he’d gone up against. Didn’t much surprise him, the man was a U.S. Marshal, the job demanding he stay fit.

“You do realize, I have a gun strapped to my waist,” Wyatt sneered. “And you have just physically attacked a U.S. Marshal.”

Rye’s gaze flickered to the gun in the holster—the weapon didn’t bother him. If anything it gave strength to the hard-on he’d suffered from during the wrestling match. “Self-defense as I see it. You attacked first, and give it a couple hours, I’ll have the shiner to prove it.”

After a long pause, Wyatt sighed. “Fine, I yield. Get the fuck off.”

Rye grinned as he shifted, released Wyatt’s arm and allowed him out of the hold. He stood, unaware when Wyatt lunged at him, weapon drawn. They tumbled to the ground with the gun pointed at Rye’s chest.

“What game are you playing?” Wyatt accused.

“No game.” Rye’s nerves didn’t falter. He held no concern over the weapon pointed at him. Wyatt would never shoot. Any man given the role he held as a Marshal rose to that position by hard work and honor. “You planted the seed. I’m here to water it.”