PAct of seduction #2

The Pact of Seduction has one rule: fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Bella’s problem, she can’t live up to her vow. But her failure spins events that lead her into unknown territory. Kole, a Dom at the sex club Castle Dolce Vita, wasn’t part of her fantasy, but he’s about to show her he should have been.

Kole is more than willing to introduce Bella to BDSM since he’s held an interest in her for some time. But the feisty woman isn’t easily tamed and her strong personality proves to be difficult. While she might be determined to keep him at a distance, Kole has other ideas. He won’t allow her to shut him out.

A pact between best friends brought them together, emotional barriers tear them apart. Kole skillfully reminds Bella through pleasure and punishment that she is now his submissive, and her place is under his command. 

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"With Beg for It, the second book in the Pact of Seduction series author Stacey Kennedy once again captivates with a story that touches and seduces the very heart and soul of the reader, keeping them out of control and on the edge."
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On Saturday night, Kole finished stocking the beer in the fridge and heard the crowd behind him grow louder. He grabbed a beer for himself and cracked it open.

After a big gulp of the brew, he moaned from the crisp aftertaste, then scanned his condo that he shared with Reed. Both were criminal lawyers with a top firm in Baltimore, but that wasn’t their only shared connection; they were both sexual dominants.

The roommate relationship had worked out well, and with the shared mortgage, they could afford the luxurious condo.

Their living room was full of friends from the castle, some from the law firm, and others just personal friends. It always amused him to watch those who didn’t live the D/s lifestyle mix with people who did.

For most, they’d never notice the way the submissives doted over their Masters, seated lower than the ones who commanded them. But Kole saw it clearly, and it created an ache in the pit of his stomach.

While he didn’t want a submissive 24-7, he had wanted one when he demanded it. And he’d never found a submissive who intrigued him enough to start a long-term relationship with.

As he continued to survey the room, one woman caught his eye, and the tension in his muscles increased.

Bella sat on the couch, a gin and tonic in her hand, while her three best friends laughed around her. He’d never seen the woman look so depressed. She’d always been full of sass and the life of the party.

All the reasons he craved to have her under his command. As a man, he appreciated her saucy attitude and the strength she portrayed. As a Dom, he’d enjoy seeing her lose it when she gave him control.

More to the point, her beauty appealed to him; her long blonde hair flowed beautifully over her shoulders, and her tight body aroused him. But the submissive buried inside her tempted him repeatedly.

A low laugh dragged Kole out of his thoughts. He flicked his gaze away from Bella to find amused blue eyes staring back at him. Reed cocked his head. His dirty-blond hair fell over his eyebrow. “Hiding in here, are you?”

“Not hiding, watching.”

“Ah, the Dom in you can’t help but study.” Reed grabbed a beer out of the fridge, opened it, then took a sip. “Who are we studying?”

Kole glanced over at Bella, and her gaze that normally sparkled with life only held dismay. “What’s going on with Bella?”

“You just won’t leave it alone, will you?”

He ignored the jab that Bella shouldn’t intrigue him since she hadn’t shown an interest in him for anything more than friendship or in BDSM. “I can’t help but notice she seems out of sorts.” He looked back at Reed. “And that’s unlike her. She’s always so put together.”

Reed leaned his hip against the kitchen table and examined Bella. “From what Marley told me, she went to the castle for her night with Raven but couldn’t go through with it.”

Kole shifted on his feet, and his chest constricted at the thought of her being with anyone. “I could’ve saved her the embarrassment and told her that myself; she’s not a lesbian.”

Reed nodded firmly. “I’d imagine she realizes that now.”

Kole gazed over Bella, pondering the complex puzzle that she was. He’d seen from day one that she had submissive tendencies. But it wasn’t his place to inform her, nor was it his place to put her under his command, even if it’d please him.

With a grunt, he glanced at Reed. “What’s with the long face, though?”

“Marley said she’s frustrated because she failed.” Reed’s stare became pointed. “You know Bella. I’m sure her pride is playing a part here.”

Kole took another gulp of his beer; then he shook his head in frustration. “It’s bothering me much more than it ought to, knowing that I could guide her way.”

Reed snickered. “Back to this, are we?”

It wasn’t a secret that Kole had an interest in Bella. Hell, how could he hide it? Every time they all went out to a dance club or even met at a pub for Sunday Night Football, she teased him. But he wasn’t the only one captured by a woman. “Marley spun you just as hard.”

Reed inclined his head. “Got me there.” Then, his expression firmed. “But this is different. Marley knew the lifestyle interested her. Bella doesn’t. If you plan to stick to vanilla sex, then by all means”–he waved out toward Bella–“enjoy yourself. But it should stop there.”

Vanilla sex didn’t interest Kole. Even if Bella could use a good lay to brighten her mood, he didn’t have it in him not to demand her submission, especially once he settled himself between her luscious thighs.

Reed continued, “If Bella finally realizes that her tastes extend to BDSM, then it’s my responsibility as Marley’s Dom–and boyfriend–to place her with the right one.” He lifted his chin, his voice deepening. “That’s not you.”

Kole snorted. “Thanks for the high opinion, jackass.”

“You know what I’m saying, Kole.” Reed’s tone softened, and he placed a hand on Kole’s shoulder. “You’ve never taken a newbie who’s as innocent as Bella into a scene.”

“I don’t think she’s as innocent as she puts off,” Kole retorted. “There’s a feisty woman in her, and that strength I’d imagine would make for a sub I’d enjoy.”

“Strengthwise, yes,” Reed countered. “But she’s not submissive in nature. I doubt she has it in her to give you the control you want.” He dropped his hand, folded his arms. “And then I’ll be placed in a position to explain why she can’t sit for a week since her ass will be marked for her disobedience.”

Kole was well aware of who he was and that he enjoyed pushing his subs to extremes that Reed would never go in order to show their submission to him. Plus that he tolerated much less than Reed did from a submissive.

But something existed between him and Bella, and that told him that Reed’s worries were irrelevant. He wouldn’t be drawn to a submissive who couldn’t give him what he needed as a Dom.

Reed stared hard into Kole’s eyes and finally sighed. “Fuck, my talk is pointless, isn’t it? You’re going to go after her, aren’t you?”

Nothing Reed had said would dissuade him. An opportunity had presented itself that he wouldn’t let pass him by. Bella needed a fantasy. And he’d give her the one he knew she craved, even if she didn’t realize it. “I’ll introduce the idea and let her decide if she wants to pursue it.”

“Introduce, huh?”

Kole grinned. “I’ll awaken that dormant submissive in her, let her squirm awhile until she realizes I’m exactly what she needs.”

Reed exhaled, long and deep. “Promise me you won’t push her excessively if she doesn’t submit to you as you’d like?”

“You know”–he glared at Reed–“for my roommate and friend, your opinion of me is discouraging.”

Reed’s expression was measured. “I’m well aware that you push subs when they’re under your command.” He gestured toward Bella. “Be careful with her, or Marley will rip into me, and I won’t hear the end of it.”

“I won’t push past her limits, even if those limits are way too low.” He cocked his head and sighed in exasperation. “Does that suffice?”

Reed nodded. “That’ll do.” He grabbed another beer out of the fridge, then left the kitchen to join Marley.

Kole leaned against the counter, pursed his lips, and regarded Bella. He had no doubt if he offered himself to her for a night of blistering hot sex, she’d jump on the chance, but getting her into a scene might prove difficult.

She clearly sensed his gaze on her, since she’d glanced at him. A pretty blush filled her cheeks, and she looked down at the glass in her hands. A reaction he enjoyed.

He suspected when Bella wanted a man, she didn’t hold back and went after him. But when it came to him, she was a shy little thing who couldn’t hold his gaze.


Tonight, he needed to open the doorway so she’d finally stop ignoring her interests in BDSM.

You’ve got your work cut out for you.

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