Bought By The Boss – Teaser #15


His eyes search mine for a moment then he chuckles. “You look like you’re ready to jump out of your skin.”

“I don’t know how to do this,” I admit.

His one eyebrow arches in that sexy curve. “Do what exactly?”

“Say goodbye to a one-night stand.” I draw in a deep breath before continuing on. “Not that I think of you as a one-night stand, because I totally don’t. I guess, logistically it’s more of three-night stand, right? But what I mean is I don’t think you’re like this toss-away guy.”

“That’s good.” He smiles.

I keep telling myself to stop taking, and yet my mouth keeps opening. “You know what I’m saying though, right? That I think of you as more than that. That I like you.”

His arched brow wings up higher.

I smack my hand over my mouth then drop it. “But not like, like you.”

He frowns. “You don’t like me?”

“No, I do like you,” I correct, watching heady amusement reach his eyes. “But not to a stalker level or anything.”


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