Bought By The Boss – Teaser #3



The low rumble of Liam’s voice vibrates against my skin, raising goosebumps. I know what’s going to happen. I want this to happen. Even so, I’m on edge, excited and nervous of what’s to come. We’ve waited three years to cross this line. I draw in a deep breath and face all the energy pulsating in the room. The beautiful view is nothing compared to what’s before me.

Liam has been holding himself back, I can tell that now. The flare of his nostrils drawing in my scent, the intensity burning in his eyes. It’s no way that he’s watched me before. I’m drenching my panties and my nipples pucker, ready for play, just that easily.

The silence between us is powerful. So many unsaid things holding in the quiet space. So many desires unfulfilled. I’m standing there bared for him, stripped of all the reasons I’ve been shutting him out.

“Show me what I paid for,” he says, voice rich with lust.

Maybe I should be offended.

I’m not in the least.

We’ve both been waiting for this moment. It just so happens that I want to show him all of me. I want him to touch, to taste, to own me. I reach up, tucking my finger into the strap of my dress, slowly sliding it down my shoulder.


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