Bought By The Boss – Teaser #5


When we reach the bathroom, I stop in the middle of the room and look at her. I drop any shields I usually keep up, where I fight the dominance I feel around her. Now I flood her with all of me. Perhaps it’s the way I look at her, or something more, but her pupils dilate, lips part and she begins breathing heavily, anticipation peppering the air.

“Undress and then press your hands against the vanity and wait for me,” I tell her.

I don’t stick around to see if she obeys my instructions. I know she will. I leave the bathroom and move to the bedroom, opening the dresser drawer when I get there. I fetch out the items I bought before the trip and then I return to Aria. I stop in the doorway, studying the beauty who did exactly as I asked. My vision narrows on her, a gorgeous woman there for my taking. “I want you,” I tell her, not getting closer, letting her anticipate my moving to her. “All of you. Will you give me that, Aria?”

“Yes,” she rasps, staring at me in the mirror.


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