Bought By The Boss – Teaser #7


I reach for her hands, taking the black ribbon and tying her wrists. “Ah, look what I have here, such a pretty present.” I hook that ribbon over the faucet, keeping her bound there, then I step in behind her, undressing as I stare at her. “Spread your legs.” She wiggles her legs open wider, and I instruct, “Arch your back. I want to see what’s mine this weekend, Aria.”

Her bottom jiggles slightly with her shiver as she arches her back, showing off her damp folds glistening in the light. “That’s it,” I murmur, absorbing the desire she pulls out in me. “So very pretty.” I reach for the crop and slide the leather up her thigh over her bottom to drag down the other thigh. I don’t stop that teasing, continuing to drag the crop up the long line of her spine, letting her anticipate when I’m going to strike her.

Just when I see the slight quiver, a telling sign her adrenaline is running high, I lightly tap my way down her spine to her ass, where I swat each butt cheek before I slide the leather against her reddened flesh.

I glance at her face in the mirror and she’s watching me intently, a sexy gleam in her eyes. It’s playful. I like her this way, surrendering to me.


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