Bought By The Boss – Teaser #8


The moon is casting a glow over him which further reflects out onto the water resembling black glass. Hard sculpted muscles fill my vision. There’s not one muscle more developed than another, he’s perfection. His chest perfectly squared, his abs perfectly cut. His cock my idea of perfect.

“You’re fucking me with your eyes, Mallory,” he says, breaking my trance.

I swallow against the added moisture in my mouth, pressing my hands across the smooth, cool rock. “That’s because I want to be fucking you, Jackson.”

Something passes between us then, leaving me winded. It’s intense and powerful and all the things we shouldn’t be feeling. It’s not supposed to feel this right. He’s not supposed to be this great. That’s when there is no running from what’s facing me. Something changed between us, and I can’t really recall when that happened.

It feels different when he takes hold of my hip and steps closer, pressing the tip of his cock against me. Emotional, maybe. I don’t know. I can’t think. He’s pressing inside me, filling me so perfectly. And I’m lost in the beauty of the moment, tilting my head back to stare upon stars in a way I’ve never seen them before.

Everything looks brighter, more alive.


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