Snippet from CLAIMED – COMING August 5th!

Friends, I’ll be quiet for the rest of the week to meet my deadline. So, as a little treat while I’m gone, here’s a snippet from CLAIMED. (unedited)

Presley is meeting Master Dmitri for the first time to discuss membership at the exclusive CLUB SIN. She’s just shared with him that when her ex-boyfriend attempted some light BDSM with her it didn’t go over so well. Of course, Master Dmitri is one seriously smokin’ HOT Dom that knows his way around a submissive.

Enjoy! <3



“When I commanded you to kneel, how did you feel?” He deepened his voice, since he’d seen her heated reaction to his baritone. “Did you think I was silly?”

The twinkle he spotted faded to something naughtier, something he enjoyed increasing in those eyes. “No.”

“Did it turn you on?” He caressed the side of her neck, and his abdomen tightened at how her pupils dilated further, almost shedding the green. “If I touched you intimately now, would I find you’re wet?”

A blush crept over her chest, carrying all the way up into her face. “Yes.”

“I like you that way, Presley.”