Claimed Snippet – COMING AUGUST 5th

Today we leave for our first camping trip of the year—yah for s’mores!! I’ll be away until Monday, so here’s a snippet from CLAIMED to kick off your weekend! (unedited)

In this scene, Presley left her Dom’s bed during the middle of night, and Dmitri has a few things to say about that. *gulp*

His chin dipped, eyes coming in direct line with hers. “Explain why you took your warm body from my bed.”

The distance between them seemed to have evaporated, and her awareness of his closeness swept across her so fast that her breath caught. Funny things happened low in her belly. Strange things, considering she shouldn’t be aroused now.

“I . . .” She hesitated, wondering how honest to be with him.

She’d already been way too truthful, exactly what had landed her in this totally uncomfortable position. But his stern look told her to hurry the heck up and be honest about it, so on a quick breath, she said, “I thought you’d be relieved.”

His head tilted in his examining way, normally sexy. Now it only made her feel cornered. “Do I look relieved?”

She nibbled her lip, trying her best not to flinch away from the power he clearly had kept restrained. “No.”

“Smart answer.”