Evan needs to finalize the details of an important merger. Problem is, the deal has come to a standstill because of the rival company’s drop-dead gorgeous CEO. Frustrated as he is with the woman, Evan can’t keep his mind off Brooke’s overt sexuality. He demands she sign the paperwork or the deal is dead. But Brooke has demands of her own. She’ll sign the contract…for one night of no-strings sex. That’s a lusty merger Evan can’t possibly refuse. 

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Evan Marshall slowly stood from his seat, glaring down the long table of executives. “You accept now, or the deal is dead.”

Brooke Silverwood, CEO of Silverwood Bayes, a research and development investment company, leaned forward, giving him a full view of her cleavage. “I do believe we can do without the threats, Mr. Marshall.”

While this merger would bring together two powerful companies—his successful business, Marshall & Pasley, a research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare company, and Brooke’s multimillion dollar enterprise—the endless back and forth about the merger grated on his last nerve.

More to the point, each hour spent with her only increased his frustrations. He’d grown tired of being teased by her, whether she was aware of it or not. If something didn’t break soon, he’d bend her over that table, lift her skirt and bury himself deep into her cunt.

Too bad for him an ugly truth remained—business before pleasure, something he had to continually remind himself of. This deal would secure his company. His cock held no place in these discussions.

At his continuing silence, Brooke gave him a sassy smile then she glanced around the room, focusing on each of the men who made up her team. “Let me speak with Mr. Marshall alone for a minute.” Gesturing toward the door, she continued in her husky voice, “Leave us.”

Without hesitation, her team left the modern office and Evan snorted. Being a CEO of his own company, he could understand the power she held, but he wouldn’t have responded to her in that quick of a fashion.

Even over the past days, she held quite the presence and he admired that about her. But he wanted to teach the woman that not every man bent to her will. And he wanted to give her the lesson with her naked and beneath him.

Realizing his thoughts had once again traveled to a place he shouldn’t go, he stretched his neck, focusing his mind back into his brain instead of in his pants. He should never have offered to flesh out the details of the merger and should’ve sent his business partner Robert Pasley instead. Then he wouldn’t have suffered a 24/7 hard-on for days now, nor would he have spent every night and morning jerking off to ease the tension.

Robert had dealt with the merger up until this point, since he always managed the business end. Evan handled the employees and other in-office details. The partnership worked. This shit wasn’t anything he preferred.

As the thought raced through his mind, he also knew exactly why he’d come to New York City. His dick had led him there. That deep, sensual tone of Brooke’s on the telephone meetings had been the entire reason he came instead of Robert. He’d had to meet this woman.

Only problem?

The fantasy of her he’d built in his mind didn’t compare to the reality. He suspected that raspy voice wouldn’t belong to an attractive woman. Brooke, with her long, straight dark hair, womanly figure and pouty lips that he’d imagined sucking him off—a few times over—stunned him.

However, his marvel of her lasted a day. Now she merely frustrated him to no end, teasing him every day with her tight skirts, shirts that always fell open to show off her tits and her sexy legs.

Giving his head a shake to clear it, he watched her. Brooke remained at the head of the table, her baby blues lined with black makeup staying focused on him. “Mr. Marshall, I’m in agreement over the merger.”

“I’m glad to hear it, Ms. Silverwood.”

Her eyebrows rose at the obvious bite to his voice before her seductive grin slid back into place. “Before we close the deal, I believe there are some final details to work out.”

She stood from her seat then strode toward the door. His focus went straight to her heart-shaped ass clad in a black skirt, which hugged all her fine curves. Exactly how he liked his women; an ass that could take a pounding without fear he’d break her.

As he watched her strut, his dick twitched at the way her hips swayed. She might have moved with such grace without realizing it, but he didn’t much care. He’d love to see that body sliding so elegantly over his, drenched in sweat from a seriously good screw.

When she locked the office door, his semi-hard cock went rock-hard. What’s she up to? She turned back to him and her blue eyes had darkened, those sensual lips of hers parted. He straightened his back, tightening his fists at his sides as heat pooled into his groin.

“Now that we’re alone, we can agree on a few conditions.” Her voice had somehow grown throatier and his cock acknowledged the power her voice had over him by throbbing.

He followed her every step as she approached him. Those longs legs, perfect silky calves and fuck-me heels that brought his thoughts to X-rated places delighted him. “Conditions?”

She unbuttoned her suit jacket then tossed it onto one of the chairs. His mouth went dry. Her pink silk top hung delicately over her luscious frame. She had round and soft breasts that he could bury his face into and curves that no woman should possess, since they could be his undoing.

Once in front of him, she stared intently, angling her head up to meet his gaze, since she was a good bit shorter than he. “I’ll sign the deal. Merge the companies. But you have one condition to meet before I do.”

Am I imagining this?

The woman was a corporate temptress—not only did she succeed in business, but she succeeded in the art of seduction. He found himself captivated. From her husky voice to the confident twinkle in her gaze and even her choice of clothing appeared to tease a man. But was she coming on to him or was this wishful thinking?

He swallowed, refusing his instincts to grab on to her and see if her mouth tasted as good as it looked. “Again, what conditions?”

“The issue between us.”

He inhaled, catching a whiff of her sweet perfume, but beneath it, all he scented was aroused woman. “Issue?”

She slid her finger up his forearm in a slow, seductive caress and he tensed. “Now now, Evan. I never took you for a man who didn’t see things for how they are.” Her gaze followed the path her finger took and heat rushed through his veins. “You think I haven’t noticed how you fuck me with your eyes.”

Her blunt statement tightened his muscles. Women never spoke that like. Not unless he dreamed of it, then fantasized over it later. But what game was she playing? First she’d teased him for days and now she increased it? “Point being?”

“Well, you see,” her fingernail continued to trail up his arm, “for us to continue with this merger, we can’t have this distraction.”

That rich tone of hers drifted over him, making his desires rear up. The tickle from her nail awakened the part of him that wanted to bang her ruthlessly. Right now the merger happened to be the last thing on his mind.

“This deal will merge two top companies together and we need to focus to see it succeed.” Her gaze lifted and her tongue slid across her lip, drawing his focus to her luscious mouth. “How can we focus with this sexual tension between us?”

He paused, considering if he’d heard her correctly. Had the blood rushing to his cock somehow switched off his mind? “How do you want to fix that?”

She put her hand on his chest and as she slid it down his stomach, he gritted his teeth. That light touch of hers continued until she cupped his erection. “You get the merger.” She stroked him slowly. “I get this.”

He stared at her and waited for her to retract her statement. For his mind to tell him that either he was dreaming or that this wasn’t really happening. When only a seductive vixen stared back at him, he chuckled. “Are you serious?”

“Oh, I’m very serious. I’ve been distracted with you being here. And I know you have too.” She closed her hand around his hard cock as if to prove her point. “Are you telling me you haven’t thought of this after our first conversation? Wondered what it’d be like for me to whisper naughty things to you?”

With her nails she scraped down his shaft with a light touch that had his hips thrusting forward. “Then, after we met, didn’t you wonder how I’d taste? What my mouth would feel like wrapped around your cock? How it’d feel to be buried deep inside my pussy?”

He’d thought about all that every time he jerked off since he arrived. He should move away from her to keep this strictly business, but he had no intention of doing so and rubbed himself into her hands. “Are you trying to seduce me, Brooke?”

“Not trying, I am seducing you, Evan.” She grinned, a smile not of happiness, but one that drew his focus to her mouth. “In the best interests of the company, of course.”

She licked his bottom lip with a hard flick, causing his cock to jerk. “I’ve wanted you from the moment I talked to you. That need has only increased since you’ve spent so much time with me.” Again she carved a path on his bottom lip with her tongue. “I’m done thinking of you, pleasuring myself until I come with thoughts of you on my mind. I want the real thing.”

He groaned as pre-cum moistened the tip of his cock.

“How I see it, we have two choices. One, continue to have our thoughts focused elsewhere.” Her head tilted, exposing the long line of her neck. “Or two, give in and sate the need.”

While he enjoyed the game she set out, he focused his thoughts to make things real clear. “Are you suggesting you won’t sign the merger until we fuck?”

“Yes, Evan,” she whispered. “We’re going to fuck to remove this issue, and get our heads back in the game.” She continued to stroke him and his legs trembled. “So, tell me, Evan. Do we have a deal?”

Sexual harassment suit flashed through his mind. He didn’t give a shit. The woman handed him an in to have sex with her and he wouldn’t refuse it. He glanced at the swell of her breasts, then he dipped his finger between the valley and she gave a nice little shudder. Sliding the fabric over to the side, he finally got a full look at those tits. She wore a see-through bra, and her rosy nipples were tiny and hard, perfect for his mouth.

As he grazed a nipple, she hissed, and he loved her reaction to his touch. He didn’t want young and inexperienced, a woman who didn’t know how to pleasure a thirty-seven-year-old man. He wanted a woman to screw his brains out.

Brooke could do that and then some.

Maybe in some cases, he might think less of her for her overt sexuality, but this was not some whore off the street. The woman before him was high class, rich beyond anyone’s desires and deep into high society. Her offer solidified around him; two consenting adults fucking until they reached exhaustion—only an idiot would refuse her.

With a final flick of his finger on that delectable bud, he settled her shirt back into place then lowered his hand to her ass. Nothing could have prepared him for how her ass cheek fit perfectly into his grip, nor the yearning he suffered to see it bouncing on his dick.

Yanking her forward, he pressed his hard body against her soft curves then gazed down into eyes rich with lust. Before he agreed, she needed to get one thing straight. He wasn’t a man who couldn’t handle the likes of her. She clearly held confidence, and while he admired the trait in her, he was equally as self-assured.

He tangled his hand in her silky hair, brought his mouth to hers and she sighed as if she’d craved this kiss as much as he had. Her mouth parted to accept his tongue and he swept this woman into the harsh arousal she’d caused in him. Soft lips moved beneath his and she tasted like mint mouthwash and smelled tempting with a flowery aroma.

He kissed her roughly, with a hard demand to show he controlled this, not the other way around. But as she squirmed against his hard-on, rubbing herself in a beautiful way, she reminded him she controlled him just the same. He might make her lose herself, but the woman had woven a wicked spell over him too.

Keeping his tight grip in her hair, he backed away, pinning her where he wanted her. She’d given him the right to unleash himself on her. Now there was no going back. She wanted a fuck and he planned to fuck her. “I agree to your conditions.”

Her pretty crystal-clear eyes held his focus. “Come to my house tonight at eight o’clock.” She gave her seductive smile. “My receptionist will give you my address on the way out.”

There were her demands again. Good thing he didn’t much care now and accepted the challenge. He trailed his finger up her inner thigh and as he pushed her skirt up, her breath hitched. When his finger drifted over her silky flesh, her eyes widened.

He arched an eyebrow. “No panties, Brooke. You’re a naughty girl. If I would’ve known this, I assure you I wouldn’t have waited for your offer, since you’re begging to get fucked.”

Her arousal covered his finger and he drew the digit up her lower lips to her clit, all the while dealing with his aching cock. The scent of her arousal drifted through his nostrils and he pressed his dick against her thigh. While he did this to punish her, he realized it punished him at the same time.

When moans poured from her mouth, he grinned and removed his hand. He lifted his finger to his mouth, sucked on each digit and savored her taste on his tongue. The woman melted before him, eyes darkened, and she sizzled, exactly how he wanted to leave her.

He slapped her ass, feeling it shake beneath his hand, and she gasped. “Tonight it is, Ms. Silverwood.” Leaving her behind in a mess of arousal, he strode for the door and chuckled.

Let the games begin…

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