First look at COMMANDED!

Hello my lovely readers,

It’s sharing time!! I’ve edited the majority of Commanded with only three chapters left to write. I’m so close to reaching my happy place . . . THE END!!!

So . . . how about an *unedited* snippet from Sawyer and Chloe’s book?


Sawyer’s deep laugh followed him to the dresser against the wall. “If you think you only want to ravish me when my shirt is off, you’re fooling yourself.” He grabbed a T-shirt out from the drawer. Only after he dressed and snatched up his phone did continue. “You’ve given me that same fuck me look since the day I met you.”
Her lips parted then shut.
“We better get going.” An arrogant smile crossed his face. “Or you, my sweet, Chloe, might end up doing something bad. It appears you can’t control yourself around me while we’re in my bedroom.”
Chloe snorted. “Now wait just a second . . . ”
His laughter followed him into the hallway.

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