Handcuffs aren’t just part of their job in this sizzling new standalone romance by USA Today bestselling author, Stacey Kennedy.

Veteran cop, Maddox Hunt, is all about the job. Sure, there are women—lots of women, truth be told—but there’s no one special. Until a one-night stand from his past, rookie Joss O’Neil is assigned to his division. Suddenly, all he can think about is her. The scent of her. The taste of her. 

Fresh out of field training, Joss has thrown herself into her job, determined to kick-start her career. And while police work has its thrills, her gorgeous new boss is what really gets her pulse pounding. Too bad he’s nothing but a distraction. Especially since he’s as devastatingly handsome as she remembers, and his sexy smile arrests her heart.

Now that Joss is back in Maddox’s life, he has a plan: satisfy her fantasies and fulfill his every dark desire. Nothing is off limits. Her pleasure is the endgame . . . but even the best-laid plans have a way of falling apart. Despite his best attempts to keep his distance and have things remain only about the pleasure, Maddox soon finds himself breaking the only law he’s set for himself. Don’t fall in love. 

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"A kinky, sexy kick off to the Filthy Dirty Love series!"
Meghan March, NYT bestselling author


Bedroom eyes had been watching her most of the night, and Joss couldn’t take it anymore. She’d eye fucked him on the dance floor until he finally joined her, and she’d spent the last half an hour grinding into him in what he obviously read as an invitation.

The minute the stylish single bathroom door clicked shut and locked, sex packaged in a black T-shirt and dark blue jeans was on her. He strode forward, sending her walking backward until her back slammed against the bathroom wall in Seattle’s hottest dance club, Wicked. His tongue dove into her mouth, overwhelming her, while his lips rhythmically danced with hers. His hands explored her back and her bottom, squeezing her cheeks tightly.

“Damn, sugar, you taste good,” he murmured, dropping his head onto her shoulder and nuzzling her neck.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as his breath fluttered across her flesh just below her ear. If her panties weren’t already drenched from the confidence in his low, sultry voice, the feeling of strength in his hard body against hers sealed the deal. She thrust her hands into his stylish, gelled, light brown hair, begging him to lift his head. She needed that mouth on hers.

When he finally did look at her, butterflies fluttered within her belly. This guy didn’t draw desire out of her; he yanked it out of her soul. His hand came to her chin while he stared at her.

No, while he examined her, in the same way she couldn’t stop looking at him. Broad shoulders. Ripped arms. Chiseled jaw. Short beard. Intense blue eyes that had the special little something that made her decide he would be her first one-night stand. Something powerful and potent. Something real and intense.

Then, still staring deeply into her eyes, he broke the silence. “I feel like I’m biting into the forbidden fruit with you.”

“The forbidden fruit?” she repeated, breathless.

He watched her, brows drawn tight. “You don’t seem like the type of girl who has a quickie in the bathroom of a bar.”

“What makes you say that?” she asked.

His mouth twitched as he dragged a thumb across her bottom lip. “You seem like a very good girl, who plays very much by the rules.”

“I’m the one who instigated this, so I’m not sure why you think that.” She didn’t want to be a good girl. Tonight, she wanted to be as bad as she could possibly be.

“No, sweetheart.” He gave her an arrogant smile. “I instigated this. You simply reacted to my offer.” He tucked her hair behind her ear, then watched his fingers trace her jawline. “I want to make sure you understand this is a one-time deal. I’m not looking for a girlfriend. I won’t call you after tonight. You’ll never see me again. Are you sure you won’t wake up tomorrow with a world of regret?”

She startled a little at his honesty. Her ex-boyfriend Nick, who’d ended their six-year relationship over the phone, didn’t have an honest bone in his sleazeball body. Nor did he care what she thought about anything. His feelings always came first.

Odd, she thought. Weren’t one-night stands supposed to be all about regretting them the next day? She smiled at bedroom eyes and leaned into his hand. “I don’t regret this now. I won’t regret it tomorrow.” In the morning, she left for the police academy. Finding a boyfriend was the last thing on her mind. Tonight was all about forgetting Nick, ignoring that he’d thought her life in Seattle was too boring. About disregarding the heartbreak. This moment was all about taking something that she wanted because she could. “I want this. I want you.”

“That’s good enough for me.” The thickness of his body pushed her thighs apart and his erection pressed against the junction between her legs. She rocked against him, and he grinned. “You like that, do you?” He shoved her skirt over her hips, and grabbed her legs, allowing them to wrap around his hips as he pinned her to the wall.

“God, yes.” She held onto his shoulders and ground herself against him again, unable to help it. That’s what this guy did to her. He made her reach for pleasure, to not be shy about what she craved.

Unable to get enough of him, wanting desperately to be closer and far more naked, she shifted her hips, rubbing her panty-covered clit against the front of his jeans, feeling the thickness of his cock. He dropped his head against her neck, and the scruff on his cheeks brushed across her skin. She shivered as he licked and nibbled and swirled his tongue until her breathing deepened and her body flushed with unnatural heat. Only then did he take her lips again, kissing her in a way she’d only fantasized about.

Dominant. Possessive.

Each time his tongue dove into her mouth, he owned her fully and completely. And fuck, the guy could kiss. There was nothing messy and unsure about the way he moved. His sculpted lips were amazing. His tongue sensually stroking hers was perfection. He tasted like man.

Using his shoulders to gain leverage, she rocked her hips, her breath speeding up, her heart pounding. He growled against her mouth, and she shivered, losing herself in the power he exuded. His growl came again, this time throatier. She shifted faster and harder against him, digging her nails into his shoulders.

Then his piercing eyes met hers, studying her intently. A slow smile spread across his face. “Oh, sugar, I like you.”

His voice. Good Lord, that voice had power, one that surely shouldn’t belong to anyone. It made her needy and desperate. She prided herself on her control, but when it came to this guy, she had none. It didn’t matter that she was in a bathroom at a bar. It didn’t matter that she’d only just met him. She wanted him to ravage her in a very dirty and filthy way.

Eyes on her, he licked his lips, and his brows drew together. Intense. Passionate. Determined. He grabbed her butt cheeks and began shifting her against his cock, bringing her to the edge. The way he watched her with those captivating eyes sent her soaring.

“Yes, girl, give me what I want,” he stated.

And just like that, she did.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and trembled against him. Her moans cut off, and her breath became stuck in her throat. All she could do was hang onto him while she rode out her quivering orgasm.

Then she crashed…and crashed hard, panting and whimpering.

Only when the world realigned, and she felt the wetness of his lips brushing against hers, pulling her slowly back from the high, could she even think about moving. She forced her eyes open, finding his gaze locked on hers, his sinful smile instantly warming her.

“Christ, you are a sexy little thing,” he told her, releasing her wobbly legs.

He yanked the front of her top down until her breast was exposed and the tight nipple stood out, begging for his mouth. His low moan of obvious delight tightened her thighs as he grasped her breast in his strong hand. He dragged his mouth across her nipple and groaned. “I could play with this perfect body all night long,” he told her, sucking her taut bud to the roof of his mouth.

Being already oversensitive, she gasped, unable to stand still as his mouth popped off, only to suck deeper the next time. She grasped his thick forearms, loving how the muscles flexed beneath her touch as he yanked down the other side of her shirt and bra, exposing her other nipple to the cool air. When he sucked deeply, a loud knock on the door echoed against the bathroom walls.

“Ignore it,” he said.

She decided she didn’t care about the damn door, as he released her breast and began sliding his palm slowly up her thigh. Her breathing deepened when he nudged her skirt up, his hand coming closer and closer to where she wanted him.

Another knock banged against the door, shaking it on its hinges, yet his hand moved higher…and higher still. He tucked his fingers into the side of her panties, sliding over her slick heat.

The side of his mouth arched. “Soaking wet, sugar?” he murmured. “Do you always get so hot so easily?”

She leaned her head back against the wall and squeezed her eyes shut, “No.”

“Ah, so you like me touching you?” he asked softly, stroking her swollen clit with light flicks of his finger.

“Yes,” she whispered, not even understanding how he made her this aroused. The man had gifts. Magical ones.

His finger froze. “Look at me.”

She reopened her eyes and found the look of a man who knew his worth.

“Only me?” he repeated.

Something so powerful crossed between them, it was at once frightening and exhilarating. Something she’d never experienced before with Nick. He’d always made love for his orgasm, not hers. This passion was addictive. A night she’d surely never forget.

“Only you,” she answered honestly.

“That’s a sexy answer coming from a very pretty mouth.” He slid his thumb gently over her throbbing clit, back and forth, teasing the little bud. “You have a choice to make. You can leave this bathroom now and take what I’ve already given you. Or you can let me give you all that I have to give.”

Instead of using dirty words she was never very good at and usually ended up blushing over, she reached for his belt. She unhooked the leather and then shoved his pants and boxer briefs down, watching his mouth curve. His thick cock sprang free, and she began stroking him. When she dragged her hand over the thick, bulging veins straining for release and up to the rounded tip, he gave a guttural moan.

Determined to pleasure him in the way he had her, she slid her finger over the slit, gathering his pre-cum and sliding the silkiness over his cock head. He reached for the front of his T-shirt, pulling it over his head to rest on the back of his neck, giving her a fine view of his ripped body. From a squared chest to a well-defined six-pack to a V at the waist, he clearly spent a lot of time in the gym. Not too big to look ridiculous but not too thin either.

Gloriously perfect.

She bit her bottom lip and traced the valleys of his muscles, feeling each one flex beneath her finger. Slowly, and not caring who knocked on the door, she let herself explore the body she couldn’t even believe she got to touch. The guys she’d met in university didn’t look like this.

This guy was all man. All delicious, fuckable man.

“You’re…” She gazed into his powerful eyes and lost her voice.

His left eyebrow rose. “I’m what?”

She felt drunk from the endorphins as she glanced at his body once more before meeting his gaze again. “You’re so damn hot.”

His grin was full of sin. “Tell me what you want, sugar.”

“I want you.” She grabbed his thick cock and used his pre-cum again to lubricate him as she stroked, urging him to take her.

“Inside you?” His hips shot forward, and he thrust himself into her hand.

“Yes. Fuck me.”

His eyes flared. Obviously, he appreciated boldness. He reached for his pants at his knees, taking out his wallet and then grabbing a condom.

When she moved her touch away, he tsked. “I was enjoying those hands.”

Heat flushed through her, and she began stroking him again. His low moan slid sensually over her, flooding her with urgency. He watched her as she slowly dragged her hand over his shaft from base to tip, memorizing the feel of his dick. She took his heavy balls into her hand before teasing them with light touches. He groaned, and his jaw clenched as he unwrapped the condom.

That left eyebrow arched again. “Since you’re so good with your hands…” He offered the condom.

Desperation consumed her as she took the condom and quickly applied the latex over his shaft. She only looked away for a moment before she stared into those intense eyes again, letting him see how much she liked touching him. Allowing him to witness how crazy he made her.

As soon as she’d fully sheathed him, his hands were on her face, his mouth on hers again, slowly nipping her until he deepened the kiss, taking her to a place that inflamed her body. God, she could feel everything. Every whisper of breath from his nose. Every slide of his thumbs across her cheeks. He became all she knew as his condom-covered cock rested against her stomach.

“I won’t be gentle,” he murmured across her mouth.

“Good,” was all she got out before he spun her around.

The cool metal of the bathroom stall pressed against her taut nipples, her cheek resting there, too. She stared into the heat of his eyes in the mirror next to them above the sink.

He slid his hand up to her neck, holding tightly. “Do you see how sexy you are? How much I want you?”


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