Meet Master Dmitri

With the Club Sin series slowly coming to an end, I wanted to (re-) introduce you to the Masters who made ovaries explode and set hearts aflutter, starting with Club Sin’s owner, Master Dmitri.

“I can’t help think you live a busy life, surrounded by so many people, but it’s lonely.”

Apparently, she had stunned him. He froze and didn’t blink, so she hurried along. “You carry all this responsibility and always look out for everyone else. Doing everything and anything to ensure that those around you have what they need in their life. But when does someone get to take care of you, Dmitri?”

Dmitri opened Club Sin in honor of his late mentor, passing the rules and ways Charles had lived by on to others. Dmitri also kept his promise to Charles by making sure his widow Mary and their children were well provided for. Dmitri is selfless, fair, kind, and likes to see everyone he cares about healthy, happy and living up to their full potential. You can learn more about him, and about the woman who showed him that he too deserved everything he readily bestowed upon others in CLAIMED.

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