Meet Master Sawyer

Hello my lovely readers,

It’s time to meet the last Club Sin Master in the Club Sin series, Master Sawyer.

Master Sawyer has a dilemma. He wants the sweet, sexy and very vanilla Chloe Nash.

When Sawyer’s baby sister ended up in the hospital after being attacked by her boyfriend, Sawyer teamed up with PI Chloe to hunt him down. Working closely together deepened the attraction they’d already discovered, but would she be accepting or understanding about his BDSM lifestyle? After being in a relationship for ten years with her boyfriend Josh, Chloe realized that they’d become comfortable, perhaps too comfortable, and were better off being friends rather than lovers. Something as missing, and she had a feeling Sawyer might be that missing puzzle piece.

Porter stared at him, hard. “I don’t understand. You’d be good for Chloe.”

“Would I?” He stared at Porter in challenge. “Chloe is perfect just the way she is. What will happen if I change that? What will happen if I bring her into an erotic world she wasn’t a part of before? Will she be better because of it? Or will it just make her different? More of what I want, but not truly who she is?”

Sawyer rubbed at the tight muscles in his shoulders. “You saw her tonight. Being there didn’t make her happy. It made her insecure.”

“I saw it in her eyes.” Sawyer hung his head, knowing that he could express his concerns to his close friend. “She began to question the whole idea of her and me together, and started wondering how she could be the woman that I need.”


The question is: Is her love worth swearing off the one thing that keeps him sane? Read COMMANDED to find out.

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