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It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve had a new release.  Well, it’s only been five months, but wow…it feels turtle slow!  To everyone who has shown so much love for CLAIMED and CLUB SIN, THANK YOU!  Lots of love to you!  The support I’ve received over the last few months has been AMAZING!  All of your emails, reviews, and kind words over social media have been incredibly touching!!

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Bared is a seductively haunting tale of control and surrender that will tantalize existing fans of the series, while enticing new readers into the passionate world of Club Sin.” ~Eliza Gayle, New York Times bestselling author of SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY

Bared is a hot blend of raw sensuality, and Stacey Kennedy is an author to watch!”
~Eden Bradley, author of THE DARK GARDEN and DANGEROUSLY BOUND


In a novel that’s perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Stacey Kennedy returns to Club Sin with another wicked and wild tale of submission, seduction, and love.

At Las Vegas’s exclusive Club Sin, Aidan Knight is the Master, unleashing the erotic yearnings of his submissive lovers. But his dominant façade conceals a devastating loss—something he instantly recognizes in his personally trained submissive Cora Adams. Sworn to unearth her secrets, Aidan uses his seductive skills to ignite her wildest desires until Cora yields to the pleasure she can find only with him.

Cora came to the BDSM club to act out her sub-and-dom fantasies without ever revealing the heartbreak that haunts her. But Aidan’s masterful touch is bringing her closer to the edge . . . and deeper into a world of control and surrender. He refuses to allow her to submit to any other man—nor does she want to. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. For as they give in to passion, they must lay bare their souls for a love that could heal—and free—them both.

Bared is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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Contemporary Romance – Erotica

Publisher: Loveswept (Random House)
ISBN: 9780804178884
Release date: February 10, 2014


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Praise for Bared (Club Sin #2):


Bared is a seductively haunting tale of control and surrender that will tantalize existing fans of the series, while enticing new readers into the passionate world of Club Sin.” Eliza Gayle, New York Times bestselling author of SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY


Bared is a hot blend of raw sensuality, and Stacey Kennedy is an author to watch!” Eden Bradley, author of THE DARK GARDEN and DANGEROUSLY BOUND




“The story had a nice pacing and flow, the characters were fleshed out as they moved from through emotions, delusions and epiphanies, and the emotional connection was off the charts hot. As soon as I finished, I went back to re-read the first book and then read this one more time. So would I recommend it? Absolutely.”Ms Romantic Reads




“I loved this book! Loved it so much I read it in one sitting! I just couldn’t put it down and had to find out what happened next. Stacey Kennedy, just has a way with writing and drawing you in. She is an author I don’t even have to read the back of her books to know what they are about. All of her work is an easy automatic One Click Buy! They are just always so awesome!”Girly Girl Book Reviews


“Really love the way that Stacey writes a story. It tugs at your heart strings, makes you want to slap the characters and jump for joy when they finally figure it all out. If you love book one of the Club Sin series you will love Bared.” Books-n-Kisses


Bared is a hot, emotional journey that captured me. 5-I-was-emotionally-invested stars! It ends just as hot as it starts with an incredible story in between!”—About that Story

“The second book in this series is as good as the first one but more intense!” —Love and Live to Read

“I already am eagerly anticipating the next book in this series! I cannot wait to see whose story will be next. Stacey Kennedy has been added to my Must Read list!” —The Book Cellar


“BARED is a beautifully written, awesomely portrayed creation that I have no doubt I will read and enjoy again and again. Stacey Kennedy is definitely on my top 10 favorite romance authors list!” —Bout-A-Book


“The author blew me away. She has strongly grabbed me into her story and I was unable to let go of the book. A romance that did not leave me insensitive and, in addition to the sexual side, has made my reading poignant by the force of emotions portrayed by the author. A beautiful ending!”—New Books On My Shelves


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Stay quiet.

Be still.

Master Aidan’s unspoken demands washed over Cora Adams. In an X position, she lay on her back atop the cool, metal Saint Andrew’s Cross, her head resting on an added plank of wood. Leather straps held her in place, snug against her wrists, ankles, waist, and chest, and her legs and arms were spread wide.

Her Dom preferred her to be blindfolded as they performed their scene.

She had mentally agreed—she needed the darkness and the quiet. Only the lifestyle could give her the peace she wanted. Only Club Sin, and Master Aidan, could give her the contentment she craved.

The command of her Dom grounded her. He gave her a safe place to drift away from the pressures of life. Master Aidan could be rough when he wanted to, but he could also be caring, savoring the moment. Under his touch, she didn’t need vacations to clear her head, she needed only him.

Before he finished binding her to the table-like cross, the music had changed to a soothing song she’d heard once at a spa. The scent of Master Aidan’s woodsy aroma tickled through her nostrils. She licked her lips and drew her bottom lip between her teeth as warm air drifted across her puckered nipples.

His hand trailed along her thigh and moved to her hip in a delectable slow sweep, and she arched her body in acceptance of his touch. The press of the leather against her flesh burned into her core. Consumed by his dominance, engulfed in his powerful presence, she reacted to him like no other under his slow, sensual mastery.

“Quiet your mind, Cora.” His hand traveled over her hipbone. “Remain right here and in this moment.”

The low murmur fluttered her belly. His touch sent wicked heat storming into her loins. No choices. All pleasure. Complete submission. Her heart raced and she swallowed in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“There, Cora, much better.” A soft sigh escaped her as his fingertips caressed up her side and she shivered at his baritone. “Stay in my space.”

Rapid fire coursed through her veins, making her strain against the bindings. His low chuckle drifted across her and his knuckles brushed across her rib cage before his touch vanished.

She quietly waited for him.

The loud click cut through the silence and as warmth slid up her body, her lips curved. As the stream of wax landed above her belly button, she moaned. The next drop fell above the other, and she fought the yearning to squirm into his offering.

The heat spread quickly across her abdomen, and she cursed her bindings. Her body throbbed to move with each drop. She pulled against the straps, causing the leather to tighten and chafe her flesh. Her mouth moistened in excitement as the wax moved toward her taut nipple.

She groaned, aching for the heat right there—right where she needed it. Her nipples puckered tightly, so desperate for his mouth. As if he read her thoughts, his hand settled on the curve of her breast. She lifted her chin and her inner muscles clenched.

More . . .

The pool of heat came faster and faster again . . . until there was no beginning and no end, only warmth spreading like a heated blanket over her. Her sex clenching in adulterated desire.

His warm breath caressed her ear. “Still with me?”

“Still here, sir,” she whispered.

“Very nice,” he murmured.

More wax landed in the center of her abdomen, and she exhaled a long, slow breath. Her sex spasmed, pulsating for him as more wax settled along her belly button. She clenched her teeth against the surge of need when another drop immediately followed.

The warmth from the flame vanished from her stomach before his breath tickled her swollen sex, unleashing a fierce gasp from her throat. She groaned, unashamed, as the flat of his tongue swept up her folds.

He didn’t lick her, he devoured her.

His tongue danced over her lower lips in seductive, languid sweeps. Her heartbeat quickened as he slowly guided her to orgasm with soft, sensual flicks. Each tickle of his tongue stole the air from her lungs. Every kiss on her hot sex forced her to float in pleasure.

Consumed by this touch, she tumbled into his command. Her mind released her from the stress of the day. All of her worries vanished. When he settled his mouth over her clit and brought the nub between his teeth, her toes curled.

Desire flooded her and goose bumps trailed her flesh, while she fought the constraints of the bindings. His tongue danced across her until he nipped at her clit, then suddenly his mouth vanished. She whimpered in rejection of his departure.

Her mound throbbed, aching and moist. She lifted her head off the headrest, shivering against the leather pinning her to the hard metal beneath her damp flesh. The noise in the club sounded dull compared to her hammering heart.

Only Master Aidan could command her focus like this. She heard nothing or no one but the sound of his footsteps. She sensed only him. Every move he made, everything he did, left her acutely aware of him.

He brushed his hand over her thigh, dragging it up her body before he caught her chin. “Close your eyes.” With hot fingers and a gentle hold he removed the blindfold, damp from her exertion, from around her head.

Her eyes, now free of the cloth, wanted to naturally open, but she had no choice, she had to obey him, so she squeezed them tight. She sensed him move in closer as he wiped the sweat off her face. “Look at me.”

Blinking her eyes into focus, her gaze went right to him.

To Aidan.

Under his commanding watchfulness her heart fluttered. Master Aidan’s face was chiseled with ruggedly handsome features and lips that always held a slight curve. She looked directly into his gray eyes and she was mesmerized. The man was more than her Dom, he was perfection. A hardworking, strong, and caring man, the world was a better place with Aidan in it.

He centered her.

She melted into him as his fingertips skimmed her jawline. He gave a small smile. “Very beautiful, luv.”

Her fingers twitched to run through the soft strands of his jet-black hair. She fought the desire to beg him to come closer, so she could explore those hard muscles under his dark T-shirt. But, knowing her place, all she responded with was “Thank you, sir.”

He held her gaze, steady and firm.

Those eyes . . . those shadowy gray eyes held such depth she wanted to fall into him and never recover. A stare that powerful made her feel safe, as if nothing could ever harm her. As if no one else mattered but her. As if nothing or no one else existed.

The side of his mouth curved. “All right, Cora. Shut your eyes.”

He stepped out of her vision, and her gaze landed on the large rectangular mirror attached to the ceiling. Even if the design he’d drawn with the wax wasn’t clear, he never did anything without purpose. Ultra-awake, rejuvenated by adrenaline, she followed his command and closed her eyes.

In every touch, in every moment under his command, she slid deeper into his control. She sensed his breath tickle her lower lips before his tongue caressed her slit. Lifting her chin, the bindings squeezed her flesh as she fought to move her body in rhythm with his slow licks. Her inner muscles clenched, an intense throb pooling heaviness into her sex.

As his tongue leisurely moved over her folds, she shivered and tightened her hands into fists. The cool metal feel of the cross underneath her eased her as he positioned his mouth over her sensitive flesh. When he sucked hard, her fingernails dug into her palms and her toes pointed. His tongue moved in wicked circles and the intense tickles rippled as she held back conflicting screams trying to escape from her throat.

No more.

God, don’t stop!

A firm finger brushed across her slit and her body clamped down. Her legs and arms quivered beneath the leather binds. He pushed two fingers inside and pumped with speed and force. Another unspoken command washed over her.

“Come. Now.”

When he purposefully but gently bit the hard nub, her breath hitched and her body froze in the highest peaks of ecstasy. With a scream only he could produce, she dropped into ecstasy. Her body vibrated and jerked beneath the bindings, the leather burning against her wrists and legs. Light danced before her closed eyes, and her head whipped from side to side as she tumbled into wave after wave of euphoric pleasure.

When she crashed into shuddering convulsions only three things remained:


Master Aidan.

The light, approving strokes of his fingers up her thigh.



Aidan Knight sensed the members of Club Sin watching their scene, but he remained attentive on Cora. She exuded femininity. She smelled of woman. She tasted of woman. She painted her nails, and she did fancy things with her hair.

If anyone wondered what a perfect submissive looked like, Cora was it. She obeyed his orders. She responded to his pleasure. She gave him total control and quieted her mind when he asked.

She was flawless.

While her beauty sent a deep thud to his groin, the strength she portrayed wrapped around him as a dangerous spell. Cora trusted him, because she trusted herself. She knew who she was and what she wanted. He’d never met a more put-together woman in his life.

That was attractive.

Even if their D/s relationship wasn’t committed, they weren’t dating and only played together in Club Sin, the chemistry between them in a scene was palpable—almost electric. Cora came alive under his touch.

He loved touching her.

She exuded an inner light that always made him smile. From her sassy personality to her quick wit and confidence, he had never met a woman quite like her. He doubted he ever would—Cora was simply one of a kind.

He inhaled her sweet, spicy scent of cinnamon and his pulse increased at the intoxicating aroma that belonged only to her. Anticipating what was yet to come, he admired the leather bindings and the wax he had dripped on her beautiful belly. At the power of her submission, he was captivated under her splendor.

This he loved.

The act of stealing her choices didn’t arouse him. That wasn’t what domination was about. It was the slow, sensual dance between a Dom and his submissive that melted his bones. Vanilla sex didn’t turn him off, and, in fact, he loved mixing both worlds. But in the dungeon, he controlled her choices and the direction of their play, and that fed the powerful part of his soul that craved control.

He trailed his fingers up her arm and she trembled. As one of the five Masters who governed Club Sin, he had a responsibility to her. She came to the dungeon to submit to a Dom’s will, giving up all her choices in regards to sexual play, and he was there to guide her. Though, with Cora, his thoughts weren’t only on duty.

She understood his preferences more than any other submissive in Club Sin, primarily because he had trained her. She was . . . special. The club had firm rules that were nonnegotiable: No fire play. No catheters or enemas. No breath play. No urination or defecation. No knives, needles, piercing, cutting, or blood. These rules were defined in the moral code of all Club Sin Masters.

Cora had only a few hard limits other than Club Sin rules: No permanent marks on the skin, no face slapping, and no fisting. Those sexual practices were off-limits for any Dom playing with Cora. Aidan agreed, as they never interested him, either. In that aspect, he and Cora had similar feelings on limits to push and ones to stay away from. Maybe that’s why he loved playing with her so much, she seemed almost designed for him.

All Club Sin submissives set out limits when they first joined, and those limits could—and often did—change throughout the years. Though hard limits were final and were never ignored.

Cora also had a few softer limits, things that made her nervous, but curious, too—wearing a gag and erotic electrostimulation. He’d done both with her, at times when he pushed the scene to its highest intensity. Cora didn’t get off on things that were on her soft limits list, but they could fuel a powerful scene.

Though she didn’t belong to him and could play with others if she wanted to, she hadn’t been and now has branded herself on his soul. Even though they weren’t in a committed relationship and could be considered friends with benefits in Club Sin, what they had was special.

From the bond forged through her training, a friendship developed based on respect. He couldn’t find a single flaw in her as he approached the stone wall behind the St. Andrew’s Cross that had been flipped horizontally into a table for her to rest upon.

With a flick of his wrist he turned off the spotlight and switched on the black light. Hushed murmurs from the crowd cut through the silence. Aidan smiled. In the mirror above them, the fluorescent wax glowed.

The view was so stunning it even caught his breath. Heat flooded through him, pooling heaviness into his groin. Cora bound for his pleasure and coated in wax excited him. His heartbeat quickened at her parted lips, as she drew in deep, harsh breaths.

There, bound in his leather, spread wide for all to see, she was gorgeous. Anxiously, he pulled his T-shirt over his head. His hard cock pressing against his zipper ached to be inside her. The soft music playing throughout the club with a woman singing in a high-pitched, mesmerizing voice gave him balance. Feeling calmer, his movements became more languid as he tossed his shirt onto the floor and unzipped his jeans.

Once he lowered his boxer briefs below his bottom, he reached for his hard cock. Thick veins stood out along his shaft, and his dick was so engorged it throbbed. His gaze cut to Cora, and his senses heightened. Every move she made and every soft sigh she gave, warranted his entire focus.

A heady burn rushed through his veins. He craved her; she was his addiction, his drug of choice. The sweet taste of her honey lingered on his tongue, and his cock jerked in his hand. He inhaled her spicy scent as he positioned himself beside her head. His chest clenched as she patiently waited for him. Her long, dark hair rested over the metal and her creamy skin was glistening with sweat.


In a desperate need to touch her—to be closer to her—he brushed his fingers across the side of her soft cheek. “Keep your eyes closed. Turn your head. Open your mouth.”

Her sassy grin forced a low grunt from his throat. His gaze zeroed in on her pouty lips as she opened her mouth wide. As he shifted his hips forward and slipped his raging hard-on against her wet tongue, he groaned.

Wet. Warm. Fucking perfect.

He moved in deeper until the tip of his cock touched her throat. She relaxed her jaw, and his head fell back as he reveled in the mind-blowing sensations. He bowed his head forward, sliding back out as she dragged her tongue over the slit before sucking him back in even deeper.

A blast of pleasure washed over him. His nerve endings tingled and a slow heat descended through him. He tangled his fingers in her silky hair, and his breath quickened. With short and fast thrusts he took what he craved. She tightened her lips and his eyes fluttered closed. Each thrust clenched his jaw. Every slide of her tongue brought him higher into unleashed pleasure.

An intense burn swept across him and his balls ached. Only Cora brought him to climax fast enough to hurt his pride. Her touch satisfied a yearning inside. She cared about his pleasure and touched him with raw emotion. She could—and often did—make his control over his orgasms vanish.

Not now.

He gave a deep groan, yanked his penis from between her lips. Desperate to experience more of her, he lowered his head and with tense muscles he cupped her cheek. He sealed his mouth over hers and passionately branded her with his dominance. Her kisses weakened his knees. She held no restraint and no hesitation to follow his lead.

Complete and total surrender of her soul.

He appreciated the gift.

He cherished her.

With a long, savoring lick along the outer rim of her bottom lip, her mouth opened and their tongues clashed. She followed each brush of his lips as if she had read his mind. His mouth moistened and his head lightened. Her submission stormed across him in a powerful wave, and he became lost in the magical charm.

When his body quaked in desire, he broke their kiss and stared down at her lips swollen from his affection. Her trust wrapped him in a spell of absolute seduction. Her elegance mesmerized him. This woman compared to no one. She held a sweet, sassy soul he vowed to protect.

Under his stare, the wax glowed under the luminous lights above. He gripped his cock covered with her saliva and stroked his shaft, thrusting his hips forward with the pleasure sweeping into him. His groan spoke to the hunger to have her orgasm around his straining cock.

With Cora on her back and her legs spread wide, bound to the horizontal cross, Aidan settled himself between her thighs. Her cunt glistened with moisture, inviting him. He licked his lips, enjoying the sight of her swollen lower lips and clit exposed from its hood. Her taut, perky nipples begged for his tongue. Her sharp, raspy breaths mirrored his desire. The leather, the wax, and her swollen, soaking-wet cunt could be his undoing.

Raw, primal desire pulsed through him as he reached for the condom on the tray. The cool latex slid easily over his shaft. Without pause, he removed the distance and placed his erection against her slick opening.

A fiery wave rushed through his veins as he entered her. Her soft moan gave him goose bumps. He answered her pleasure with a deep groan. With flexed muscles, burning with the strain of holding back, he pushed slowly into her. Cora’s chin lifted and her breathing hitched, as her thighs trembled against his hands.

Aidan sensed the crowd closing in beside them. Cora’s lips parted wide with her moan. The watchful eyes aroused Cora, as they did him. Though the show wasn’t about him, it was about her.

Beauty held nothing over Cora and what she looked like getting fucked. Her cheeks were bright red, her sensual sounds were honest—she withheld nothing. Together, they made fucking look good.

He moved faster and grunted as the sucking sounds of their lovemaking charged across him. Each squeeze of her inner muscles made him thrust harder. Every sensual gasp she gave narrowed his world to her.

Her perky nipples captured his gaze, as did the feminine curves of her body. He scanned over the sweat beading on her forehead to her squinted eyes. Her mouth was wide open, releasing cries of delight.

The sight of the leather pinning her to the metal cross made his cock throb deep inside her. The wax sparkled, and knowing he’d played with her on his terms and that she’d allowed it erased the last thread of his control.

Gorgeous. Hot. Wet. Tight.

On a long inhale, consumed by the musky scent of their lovemaking, he gave in to the demands of his body. He quieted his thoughts of her needs and he pushed his wants to the forefront of his mind.

Fuck her now.

With rough, primal masculine craving, he grasped her damp thighs and thrust faster, harder, until he pumped into her with determined speed. She screamed so loud it echoed off the club’s walls. She struggled against the leathers, her head whipping from side to side.

He bowed his head and his eyes closed as her pussy spasmed, practically vibrating on his cock. Pins and needles trickled along his spine, and he grunted with each thrust as he fought against the tightness in his sac. “Open your eyes.”

She blinked once before her big, icy-blue eyes that stood out against her long, chocolate-colored hair widened. Not a second later, her inner walls clamped like a vise against his rock-hard shaft.

With harsh breaths, he battled his pleasure, needing her to fall over the edge first. To ignore the affection building inside of him and how crazy she made him feel, he glanced into the mirror. Sweat slid down his spine as he spotted the dragon he’d drawn with the wax on her belly and how it glowed under the black lights with all of its bright colors.

Savagely, he pumped into her and her inner muscles convulsed around his penis. Her dark eyes were transfixed on the dragon, a telling sign that she understood his action, the wax design was meant as a compliment. Only Cora, a submissive so perfect, deserved to wear the Club Sin symbol. Her breath cut off and her body shook in hard quakes.

He loved the quiet before the storm.

Under the force of his pleasure, his eyes fluttered shut and lips parted with his grunts. His muscles burned with each flex as he moved faster, pounding into her tight heat. Ecstasy sizzled across his overheated flesh. He slid his hands over her damp skin to grasp her hips. He forced himself to look at her, and at the striking view, he thrust into her with loud slaps, skin against skin.

Leather. Wax. Perfect little nipples. Tight cunt. Sweaty skin. Feels so good . . .

His lungs expanded with deep, satisfied breaths as her inner walls continued to steal his control. He rose up on his toes, thrusting deeper, unafraid to hurt her. They’d done this many times before. She could take it.

Her slick heat clamped against his shaft and her chin angled up as he pounded into her, almost ruthlessly. Her sensual moans shifted to uncontrollable screams, burning across him in a whirlwind of desire. His eyes pinched shut as he buried himself into her, and she squeezed him tight. Fiery pleasure burned up his spine and pooled into his groin. He roared, bucked and jerked, falling into a state of incoherence.

When the final shot of cum escaped the tip of his cock, his muscles gave out and he dropped on top of her, resting his head against the warm wax on her stomach. He lost sight of it all. There was no Club Sin. No pleasure, only a satisfied exhaustion.

Moments later, his thoughts returned and lightness overtook him. He pressed his hands against her slick, sweaty thighs and lifted himself off her. Bright, glossy baby blues watched him closely. So pretty. Euphoric tingles danced into his soul, and he smiled. “All right?”

“If you mean, was that mind-blowing?” With flushed skin, she gave him her soft, sassy laugh. “Then yes, I’m perfectly all right, sir.”

Aidan chuckled, smoothing away the damp, dark strands of her hair off her forehead. Lost in her gaze, his heart swelled and her satisfaction carried him away to a place so exquisite he never wanted to leave.

The yearning to stay consumed him, but her well-being held more importance. He withdrew his cock and moved to her face. He cupped her cheek, dropping a kiss onto her parted lips. Her mouth brushed against his with emotion so deep it clenched his chest. Some kisses held little meaning. Cora’s kisses meant everything, making him aware of her every move, every breath.

With a final press of his lips, he leaned away and removed the condom, placing it in a tissue on the tray of the rolling cart that held all of his other toys. His gaze cut to her, and she regarded him with hooded eyelids. Under her pretty eyes, he pulled up his boxer briefs and jeans.

Sweat coated his skin and the scent of their sex engulfed him as he approached her. A flare, hot and greedy, stormed through him. His to care for now. His to protect in this moment. His to hold.

His heartbeat slowed and a pure heat that radiated out of his chest engulfed him. He reached for the leather strap on her ankle and removed the binding, rubbing her ankle before he moved to the next strap.

Once he freed her from the bindings, as she remained on the cross, he massaged her limbs until her circulation returned. She watched him steadily; her pupils were enlarged and she looked messy, pink-cheeked: a well-used and content submissive. He liked that look on her. “Any numbness or soreness?” he asked.

She shook her head, giving him a silly grin. “Soreness? Lord, no, sir. Happy female bits and pieces, yes.”

He winked. “Suppose that means I’ve done my job.” His hands tingled as he cupped her cheek and his smile widened when she leaned into his touch. “We don’t want unhappy female parts, do we?”

She giggled with dancing eyes. “Certainly not, sir.”

Her soft laugh erased dark and icy parts in his soul. He couldn’t look away from her pretty eyes as he brushed his thumb under her eye. “You look much better than you did earlier.” When she’d arrived at Club Sin, he hadn’t liked what he found. Tension had bled from her, and that made him equally tense.

“No shit.” Cora smirked. “I just came hard enough to see freaking stars.”