Pact of Seduction Book 3: BETTING ON ECSTASY!

It’s been a busy, fun summer so far and I hope you’re all having a great summer too. I’ve managed to start writing the next Pact of Seduction book, BETTING ON ECSTASY! Here’s the tentative blurb to see all the fun I’m having! Kyra is one lucky lady!!

Business partners, Smith and Brock share their fortune, success, and they also share their women. A healthy competitive streak built MDR Software into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and their on-going bets continuously raise the stakes. The current proposition: an arranged ménage encounter through the sex club, Castle Dolce Vita. The prize: a sexy kitten, Kyra.

While the two wealthy, powerful men are enough to pique Kyra’s interests to fulfill the Pact of Seduction and live out her ultimate fantasy, a bet forged between the men comes with an intriguing promise. Her pleasure is now part of their wager.

But Brock and Smith refuse to declare a winner, and Kyra fights against her desire for the men as she struggles through the complications of a ménage relationship. Of course, the men take their bets seriously and are determined to show Kyra that in this game of seduction no one loses.