Release Day: BURN FOR YOU

My lovely readers,

Yah!  It’s release day for BURN FOR YOU!  I’m super excited that Sadie’s story in the Pact of Seduction series is finally here.  I know this one has been a long time coming and I wanted to thank you all for your patience and support.  I hope you enjoy reading Dax and Sadie’s story as much as I enjoyed writing them.

P.S. My Nook readers: BURN FOR YOU is not currently available at B&N but please check back daily. It should be available within the week.


♥ Stacey

rsz_sk_burnforyou (1)[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]BURN FOR YOU


Series: Pact of Seduction, Book 4
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-68252-116-8
Original Publication Date: April 26, 2016



Dominant firefighter Dax O’Connor never blends fantasy and reality. He goes so far as to only have casual encounters with women at the sex club, Castle Dolce Vita, to keep them separate. But when an arranged encounter brings Sadie Carmichael into his life to fulfill her ultimate fantasy of experiencing one night with a firefighter, his legendary lines begin to blur.

Sadie never expected her fantasy would leave her wanting more than one night, but Dax isn’t a man you sleep with just once–whatever he thinks about it. Every day since their hot night together she’s been chasing the high he sent her on.

When an odd twist of fate brings Dax and Sadie back together again, neither Sadie or Dax can refuse the passion sizzling between them. But soon, Sadie will discover that while Dax can make her body burn, his mind and heart are closed. When she pries open the doors, ghosts of his past come streaming out, threatening to cool their passion. But if they can find a way heal the past, they’ll discover reality is hotter than their wildest fantasies.



“Let’s make a pact of seduction. We each have to fulfill our hottest fantasy. You know, the one you’ve always wanted to do but never thought possible. You’ve got to make it far past what you think you are capable of, something only imaginable in your dreams.”

Sadie Carmichael recalled the pact she had made with her three best friends as the length of Daxton O’Connor’s tall and thick body pressed against her, pinning her to the brick wall in the dark alleyway. Each slide of his mouth against hers and every swirl of his tongue brought her deeper into his control. She felt herself beginning to let go, melting completely into him, and his low groan rumbled approval from his chest. Everything inside relaxed, an odd sense of safety flooding her as the stranger kissed her like he’d waited a lifetime for this moment.

“Christ, you’re sexy,” he murmured, backing away.

Her eyes opened to his brown. The only light in the alleyway came from the back door of a business further down, but that light cast a glow over his face, detailing the black soot dusting his cheek. His fireman hat sat low on his head with his brown hair poking out from the sides, and she knew one thing for certain: Dax didn’t only fulfill her firefighter fantasy; he was the fantasy. His powerful presence, his commanding nature, his hard body, and his chiseled jawline—he was her dream come true.

“You think I’m sexy?” she asked, never having been described that way before. Cute, yes. Sexy, never.

“Undeniably so.” He leaned in, tickling his tongue up her neck in slow swirls. She softened under his touch, and his mouth curved. “See the way you do that?” He nipped her earlobe, dragging a gasp from her throat before sliding his lips to the base of her neck, where he dug his teeth into her flesh, and she shivered. “That little hitch in your breath. That shiver. It’s very sexy, Sadie.” Her eyes fluttered when he tangled his fingers into her hair, closing his fist tight. “Do you always melt so perfectly?”

“I don’t know.” Jesus, he touched her in ways she had never been touched, owning her in ways she’d never been owned. His possessive, tight hold, his low voice, and his awareness of her brought uncontrollable heat, pooling low in her body.

“Or is it me doing this to you?” he asked, tugging on her hair. She looked at him again when he angled her head to lift her chin up, staring deeply into her eyes. “Am I making you this hot, Sadie?”

She parted her lips to answer him, but her reply was stuck behind her shyness. The confidence he exuded was nothing she’d ever dealt with before. Dax was a Dominant at the sex club Castle Dolce Vita. A man with a particular taste toward kinkier sex. A man who liked the alpha position in a relationship. A man who touched a woman with power, not hesitation.

“Yes.” She forced herself to mirror his confidence, determined to make good on her fantasy.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, it’s you.” It’s the fireman’s hat, the coat, the smell of smoke in the air. Oh my God…

“Ah, is that so?” He gave her a sinful smile, watching his finger dragging across her bottom lip.

Spellbound by him, she shivered against the heat he conjured in her veins. Obviously in tune with her desire, he lifted his eyes to her face again when he gingerly ran his finger down her chin to her chest and then followed a straight line until he reached her skirt, reminding her of the text he had sent her a half hour ago.

Meet me in the alleyway behind the Coffee House (1841 E Lombard Street in Inner Harbor). Wear a skirt. Panties will not be required.

She’d waited days for that text inviting her to finally fulfill her fantasy. And Dax had waited until he and his fellow firefighters had been called out to a fire closer to the end of his workday. After his team extinguished the fire and his shift ended for the night, he returned in all his gear to meet her there, where the sooty smell of the fire still lingered in the air. She hadn’t understood why the earlier fire was so important to him. Now she knew he had set the scene for her fantasy, and all these little details set her ablaze.

Her breath caught in her throat as his finger stroked across her hot slit, and his low hiss unraveled her just that easily. Each touch he gave was deliberate and considerate. His fingers weren’t clumsy. He knew when and where to touch her to elicit a reaction, and a building heat began flooding her. She seamlessly fell under his control when he licked from her collarbone all the way up to her ear. As his fingers tightened in her hair, pulling on her curls, she moaned and wiggled, imaging how his wicked tongue would feel deep inside of her.

“Stay still for me, darlin’.” He cupped her pussy tight. “I’m enjoying touching you.” His fingers moved back and forth against her sex teasingly while his thumb pressed hard against her clit.

This guy didn’t simply stroke her. He commanded every nerve ending, telling her body when to react and exactly how intense the feeling should be. Each second that passed brought her higher. Every touch made her burn. Fire flickered through her body, and she groaned, desperate for him.

Obviously, he heard her plea. “Shh…” He nipped her chin. “I’ll take care of you.”

A hot flash sizzled across her as she watched him unzip his overalls and then his pants, reaching inside and pulling out his thick cock. She licked her lips, unable to look away. He wasn’t too big. He wasn’t too small. He wasn’t too thick or thin. He was perfect. And she trembled in anticipation to feel that cock filling her as he sheathed himself in a condom.

She tingled from her toes all the way to her head when he grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head with one of his hands. His eyes smoldered as dark as the black, powdery smoke in the air above them as his free hand grabbed her leg, locking it around his hip.

He never asked permission.

He never waited for her to be ready.

He entered her in one swift stroke, catching her breath in her throat.

“Fucking hell,” he growled, shutting his eyes. “You’re tight.” He pulled back to the tip of his cock, then thrust forward, smacking her bottom against the brick wall. “You might just be perfect.”

She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t do anything but be pinned by his torso and his hand on her wrists, feeling his cock moving swiftly in and out of her. God, he felt so good, stretching her fully, driving himself so very deep inside her. It was everything she never knew she wanted or needed, and she knew that when he finished, she’d only want more. She fought against the loud moans rising from her chest, and her heart pounded in her ears.

His low and smooth grunt reopened her eyes, and she found sweat sliding down his cheek, removing some of the soot in its path. But this guy didn’t coax her into accepting him; he took her hard, riding her unforgivingly, almost punishingly. And she loved every second of it. His hips moved rapidly, his pelvis banging against her clit, bringing her higher and higher.

The pleasure became mind-blowing, overwhelming, tightening her muscles. Her eyes pinched shut as he was all she knew. Her fantasy. His touch. His power. She came to orgasm so fast her quivering body couldn’t keep up. She heard the hitch of her breath and felt her inner walls clamp against his rock hard cock. Nothing had ever felt so right, so real, so damn perfect, when a loud moan suddenly shot from her mouth.

“Quiet.” He placed a hand across her mouth. “We don’t want an audience.”

Maybe she did, because that didn’t help her return from where he was sending her. It only reminded her that at any second someone could find them. But that surprisingly didn’t cause her to shy away, the thought of being caught woke her up.

Passion. Lust. Desire. Dax gave her so much more than sex alone. He touched her like he meant it. Like for that night he possessed her body without apologies. Like she was so desirable that he couldn’t help but take her hard.

She began to shake as the harsh stone scraped against her bare bottom, and he thrust faster now…harder. Somehow his eyes became more intense than before, and an unnatural heat flooded her.


All of him undid her.

And when he leaned in and growled in her ear, “Come for me,” all the tension building inside her exploded. Light danced before her eyes and her body no longer belonged to her. She belonged to him.

Time no longer existed, only sheer pleasure did, as wave after wave of hot euphoria carried over her, sending her to a place she’d never gone before—a place of magic—and she never wanted to return.

Her senses only returned when she felt the tickle of his tongue against her neck. She opened her eyes, panting, finding Dax’s hand no longer pressed across her mouth.

Then he broke the silence. “Good girl.”

Two words had never been so powerful, washing across her in a blast of heat, bringing emotions she couldn’t even attempt to understand. Her mind felt foggy, lost in that hazy place thoughts went after orgasm. The only thing holding her up was him, and the only sound in her ears was the banging of her heart against the walls of her chest.

He kissed her shoulder before moving to her neck and reaching her lips again in a soft whisper of a kiss. Then those fiery eyes met hers for a split second, and she fully believed he had to be a dream when he began kissing her again, harder this time, somehow replacing her satisfaction with desire again. His fingers tangled in her hair, his lips and tongue sliding over her shoulder and along her neck, and she was shivering, gasping, and moaning from all his attention.

“Goodbye, Sadie.”

She heard him talking and nodded absentmindedly, but she couldn’t bring her thoughts back yet. They were consumed by him. Dax hadn’t slept with her. He’d branded her. He’d given her a taste of passion she never knew. He’d changed her, altering the woman she was and what she expected from a man. And Sadie knew, as she watched him stride off down the alleyway, fading into the shadows, that his mark on her would never fade, always pulsating beneath the surface and patiently waiting for him to return.