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Kenzie has been my favorite of the Club Sin gals since day one. I see a lot of myself in her, or maybe who I used to be, so I can really relate to her. And well, Porter, has a huge heart in that hunky body of his, so of course we must love him. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that I finally get to share their story with you.

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Tamed is sexy, sinful, and addictive. You won’t want to put this book down!”New York Times bestselling author Jen McLaughlin

“Captivating, sensual, and downright sexy, Tamed had me glued to my seat from beginning to end.”New York Times bestselling author Missy Johnson 

USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy returns to the tantalizing world of Club Sin in an enticing novel of control and surrender.
Porter Marshall has nearly achieved his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, but his new sub poses a much bigger challenge than he anticipated. Despite their mutual attraction and red-hot dungeon sessions, Kenzie Hart plays her own games. Her bratty, you-can’t-break-me attitude masks terrible personal hurt—pain that only the exquisite touch of a skilled Dom can release. But when Porter suggests taking their connection to the outside world, Kenzie denies him . . . which only makes him want her more.

Kenzie can’t ignore the raw, fierce bond she has with Porter. But she can’t give in to his dangerous demands, either. Is the passion they share real, or is he using her to solidify his status at Club Sin? And yet, who else can she trust with the shattering secrets she holds within? As Porter expertly brings her to the point of no return, Kenzie surrenders her body—and, piece by piece, her heart.

Tamed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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Praise for Tamed (Club Sin #4):

 Tamed is sexy, sinful, and addictive. You won’t want to put this book down!”New York Times bestselling author Jen McLaughlin

“Captivating, sensual, and downright sexy, Tamed had me glued to my seat from beginning to end.”New York Times bestselling author Missy Johnson

“Stacey Kennedy blew me away with this BDSM tale that focused more on the building of the relationship than the actual act. Refreshing, honest and raw, Tamed is on my list of favorite novels this year.”—Ashley Suzanne, bestselling author of the Destined series and Raven

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Whistles and applause echoed through the exclusive BDSM dungeon Club Sin. Submissive Kenzie Hart smiled and leaned against the pole off to the side of the stage, the scent of sex and sweat sweeping through her nostrils. There was nowhere in the world she’d rather be than right there, surrounded by leather and lust.

Club Sin had been her kinky salvation since the dungeon opened more than four years ago. She knew for a while she needed the sexier side of life. And she sure as heck relished the Dominant men who called Club Sin home. These men could—and often did—rock her world.

Outside of the club, she was a bookworm and simple in nature, not wanting for much. Inside the walls of the dungeon, she was Club Sin’s brat—a submissive who liked to push the boundaries between pleasure and pain, and who was known to give Dominants a difficult time. But that truly wasn’t her—she had worked hard to create the new identity for herself, because in her mind she wanted to be different from who she was in reality.

Club Sin was the fantasy that aroused her mind, body, and soul.

A soul that she’d known for a long time had been battered by a painful past.

Years ago, she had discovered a way to cope, a way to reach toward happiness, and that came in the form of attending Club Sin. The welts and bruises left on her body after an intense scene overshadowed the demons in her heart that were always right on the surface, ready to threaten to send her spiraling into a deep depression.

She scanned the members of Club Sin, glad that she had even the most observant Doms fooled. Her chin rose with pride, as the act she put on in the club made living outside these walls easier. It made her believe she was that strong woman, at least for a little while.

Movement stirred around her as she was surrounded by submissives in lingerie and Dominants commanding the space. The exclusive dungeon, known for its forbidden desire, with some of Vegas’s finest Doms, was in full attendance tonight. Some were new members. Others, like Kenzie, had belonged since Club Sin’s opening.

The dungeon’s owner, Dmitri Pratt, had taken pity on her at their old club, Chains. If I don’t take you with me, you’re going to end up in trouble, he had told her. Not that Kenzie agreed with him; she could handle herself and proved that time and time again, but she hadn’t argued, either. She loved playing with experienced Doms, and Club Sin had them in spades.

The soft music drifted through the romantically lit room, setting the sensual mood. Even though Club Sin was called a dungeon, the only dungeonlike thing about the space was the stone walls. Black sofas were situated throughout the main room, with fancy chandeliers hanging above them. To a vanilla crowd, the room would appear to be a classy lounge, but the BDSM equipment set this room apart from anything so casual.

Someone laughing drew her back into the moment. She turned toward the stage, focusing on the newest submissive to Club Sin, Ella Snow. Kenzie was surprised Ella still possessed the ability to stand. Her Dom, Club Sin Master Kyler Morgan, had sure as hell claimed her as his, putting her through an intense scene only moments ago.

Tall, powerful, and devilishly handsome, Master Kyler approached Ella in slow strides, savoring the moment. The crowd began to whisper; the bodies that were shifting in movement went still. The light above Kyler sparkled off the diamonds in his hand, and rapid shock fluttered through Kenzie. He doesn’t waste any time collaring his woman, does he?

Kenzie had been in the BDSM lifestyle since she was twenty-one, and she’d never been collared. Ella and Kyler had known each other for only a month, if that, and this symbol was held as strong as a wedding vow to those in Club Sin. Though Kenzie understood why Kyler acted so hastily—Ella was an incredible woman.

She was one of those women who were naturally beautiful, with long blond hair and baby- blue eyes—Kenzie figured Kyler was making sure no other Doms could touch her. And since Kenzie had known Kyler for more than four years, she knew he waited for nothing; he simply took it. She admired and understood that because she did the same.

Kenzie hadn’t waited around for a better life, she had created one for herself.

Kyler drew closer to Ella, and Kenzie’s heart warmed for her friends. While she couldn’t help but be happy for them, collaring wasn’t for her. Seriously, being attached? No, thank you. Wild sex and hot BDSM kept her interested. The challenge of new Doms, while pushing against their mastery, is what she lived for—it’s what kept her sane.

Throughout the years while exploring the BDSM lifestyle, she’d learned that nudging a Dom only made him intensify a scene. Not out of anger or punishment. Doms had too much control for that. It pushed against their authority. That gave Kenzie exactly what she needed, a higher intensity of play.

Pain skirting the edge of pleasure made her forget her old self, past heartbreaks, and everything in between. One intense scene erased her weakness, giving her strength for the workweek, until she could return to Club Sin the following weekend for her next fix.

The crowd went silent as Kyler settled in front of Ella and asked, “Will you kneel for me and wear my collar, Ella, as a symbol of my ownership and of our love?”

Ella smiled and gracefully knelt before him. “I will wear it proudly for all of my days, sir.”

Kyler’s eyes softened in a way Kenzie had never seen from him as he fastened the diamond choker around Ella’s neck. Then he became more serious, tucking a finger under her chin. “You now belong to me.”

A tear slid down Ella’s pinkened cheeks. “Yes, I am yours, sir.”

The crowd shifted on their feet in anticipation as Kyler offered his hand and Ella rose. He took one step toward her, sliding his hands around her face and taking her into a kiss that Kenzie thought was sweet. Intimate. Not at all dominant. Feeling like Cupid had done his work here, she clapped along with the crowd. Until Kyler deepened the kiss, and then Kenzie’s stomach roiled. She’d never been kissed with such devotion. Then again, how could anyone become invested in her when she never let anyone close enough to form a real relationship?


Cupid could keep his cute ass away from her. Lust fulfilled her, because in her mind, this ultimately kept her in control of her destiny and kept her moving forward. Every submissive chose what she wanted out of the lifestyle, and Kenzie wanted casual Doms who could deliver intense scenes. She certainly didn’t want a Dom she belonged to in every sense of the word. For if she went there, her façade would be exposed. That, she couldn’t allow. She didn’t want to drown in the past. She wanted to live in the future.

A future where she was someone different. Someone stronger. Someone happier.

Her heart, her secrets, her soul all belonged to her.

“How is Ms. Kenzie tonight?”

She glanced sideways and smiled at Club Sin Master Aidan Knight. His shadowy gray eyes were kind and commanding, reflecting what existed in all the Club Sin Masters—a confidence that was alluring and that Kenzie often wanted to steal. “Doing well, sir, though I’m carefully dodging Cupid’s arrows.” At Aidan’s low chuckle, she added, “A girl has to be careful of late, but I’m good at swatting them away.”

The stony expression he typically wore softened. “I do wonder if any Dom here will ever win that heart of yours.”

She folded her arms, scrunching her nose. “It can only be won if it were available to win, which it is not—I have no interest in that type of relationship.”

“Yes, I remember,” he replied firmly, yet only amusement shone in his eyes. “But you never know.”

Kenzie’s smile grew. This was what she loved. Even if she tested the Doms from time to time, she always felt appreciated and liked by them. They were good friends to her; she’d always believed that. She liked how easygoing they were around her. The distance she had wanted so desperately in the past she had achieved in Club Sin.

Cora, Aidan’s new wife, stepped in next to him. Her long, dark hair draped her shoulder and her ocean-blue eyes all but sparkled as she smiled up to her husband. He, of course, wrapped an arm around her, holding her tight.

Kenzie groaned. “Okay. All this love is a little too much for me tonight; this is Club Sin, not Club Cupid.”

“Oh, please,” Cora said and snickered. “Better to be in love than to be referred to as the crazy book lady. If you were more open-minded, you might find a Dom who has a collar that fits you, too.”

“There is nothing wrong with being in love with books,” Kenzie defended. Books were fantasy. They were a way to escape to another world and be another person for a little while, just as Club Sin was.

Cora winked. “So says the crazy book lady.”

Master Aidan’s gaze connected with something over Kenzie’s shoulder, amusement crinkling the corners of his eyes. “A crazy book lady who happens to also be a feisty submissive. Be good tonight.”

Cora all but bounced next to him. “Let’s go grab a seat. I wanna be front row for this show.”

Before Kenzie could figure out what they were going on about, a low voice rumbled behind her. “It’s time to play, troublemaker.”

Kenzie stiffened in that instant. Warm breath trailed over the back of her neck, and shaking it off, she turned to the newest Club Sin Dom, Porter Marshall. He stood right in her space, grinning down at her with his charming and most delicious smile.

She had to angle her head to meet his dark hazel eyes. His tall stature dwarfed her five-foot-five height. Dressed in cargo pants and a black T-shirt, Porter’s beefy, muscular physique filled out his clothing. She supposed private investigators needed to stay in shape, because Porter’s body put most male models to shame. A strand of his sandy-colored hair hung over his brow, and his chin was square, cheekbones defined, lips sculpted to the purest perfection. Porter, so masculine and powerful, pressed all her on buttons.

One brow lifted. “Do you plan on answering me?”

Kenzie blinked. Damn, I’m ogling him. She jerked away, realizing that Cora and Aidan had taken a seat on the couch a few feet away. Her mouth went dry and insides quivered, and she wasn’t sure what it was about Porter that knocked her flat on her ass. She wondered if maybe it was because Porter was a new Dom to her, and tonight would be their first scene together. Whatever it was, the man commanded her mind whenever he was near. He also awakened her body, as if his mere presence demanded it.

Hell, she had come to discover that he electrified the space around him. Whenever he entered a room, no one else existed. She didn’t know if other people noticed that or if it was her alone. Feeling a tad thrown off by his effect on her, she lifted her chin, giving him her sassiest smile. “Yes. Let’s play.”

Porter hrmphed and then gripped her jaw, angling her chin down. She held her breath, refusing to inhale his delectable woodsy scent as he leaned in. “Is that how we’re going to play this?”

She held his stare, not wanting to show how uneasy he made her. This Dom possessed a power that Kenzie hadn’t experienced before with a Club Sin Dom or even in Chains. He made her unsure in her steps, and that never happened to her. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

His bedroom eyes twinkled at her. “Lifting your chin at your Dom. Really, Kenzie?” His arched brow rose higher. “Are you that inexperienced? Should I treat you like a newbie when we play?”

One month, that’s how long she’d been assigned to be Porter’s submissive, and tonight was day one. It wasn’t typical for that kind of situation to happen in Club Sin, but these were unusual circumstances. Porter had been offered the chance to obtain Club Sin Master status, which all Doms sought. It was a prestigious role, given only to the most experienced Doms who helped Dmitri monitor and teach the Club Sin members. Younger Doms respected the Club Sin Masters, and all the submissives wanted to play with the Masters. The title was a great honor.

Since Porter had been a member of Club Sin for only a couple months, Dmitri decided that Porter needed to prove himself to their members. That’s where Kenzie came into play—she would be Porter’s submissive for one month as a test for him. She knew the reason Dmitri picked her. Most Doms lost patience with her. If Porter could withstand a month playing only with her, that said a lot about his skill.

She thought that should insult her, but it didn’t. Bottom line: It worked for her, because it meant that they all saw her exactly as she wanted them to. A brat. She didn’t push against Doms because she wanted to be a Dominant, nor was she a switch—a person who enjoyed playing both roles. She was most definitely a submissive. She liked receiving pleasure and pain, not giving it, as a Dominatrix would. All the same, she nearly shuddered at the thought of Porter being careful with her like he would be with a new submissive. “Don’t treat me like a newbie,” she said sternly.

His eyes narrowed. “Don’t treat me like a newbie, what?”

“Don’t treat me like a newbie, sir.”

His grip tightened on her chin. He was too intense. Too focused. Unease swept through her as he asked, “So what is that gesture, then? When you lift your chin, are you showing defiance because you want to play games with me?”

She swallowed, not liking the scrutiny he put her under. Never, not once, had a Dom called her out on her behavior. They simply punished it, which was exactly how she liked it. It kept her at a safe distance. But she also wanted Porter in a bad way. To have this Dom’s hands on her body: Yes, please. The arrangement between them gave her the chance to get what she wanted . . . him, especially considering he hadn’t yet asked her to scene with him in the couple months he’d been at Club Sin. “No, sir, I don’t want to play games.”

“Then why do you make such newbie mistakes? Is it on purpose?”

To challenge you.

She ignored her thought and shrugged. “Habit, sir.”

A wicked smile slowly crossed his face and he took the final step to close the distance between them, making the air thicken. His strong body pressed against hers, and her sex moistened as quickly as she drew in a deep breath. What special thing this man had that others didn’t, she didn’t know, but one look, one simple touch, made her burn.

He brought his mouth centimeters from hers, and his warm, minty breath brushed across her face. “Ah, yes, you have gotten away with much, haven’t you?”

She battled against pressing her tingling lips to his, confused by his statement. There was nothing she got away with in Club Sin. The Doms she had played with always issued a punishment, but she wasn’t going to argue with a man in full Dom mode. “If that’s what you think, sir.”

He snorted a laugh. “Now you’re playing it that way?”

She nearly pushed against his fingers to lift her head in her defense, but she got the feeling that if she did it again it would only prove his point. “What way am I playing this now, sir?”

“Placating me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay, I give. I’m waving the white flag. Every answer I give seems to annoy you. What would you like me to say, sir?”

Her heart tripped in her chest as he brushed his finger over her cheek. His touch. His smell. His hot and hard body. She fought to remain in control of her mind and not tumble into the passion right there, ready for her to take it.

Something he was apparently aware of, since his expression grew more intense. “I want correct and honest answers.”

She searched his eyes, totally stumped on what to say next. Most Doms reacted to her verbal sassiness. Porter—frustratingly—did not. In fact, his large cock pressed so deliciously against her indicated he clearly enjoyed it. Having no way out, she remained quiet, since he kept trapping her.

“Now that is the right answer.” He dragged his fingers across her cheekbone. “Silence from you is a good thing, since your mouth often gets you into trouble.” She shivered, and he grinned approval. “Yes, beautiful. That is the correct physical response to me, too.”


Four weeks. Twenty-eight days. Six hundred and seventy-two hours.

That’s how long Porter had to get inside Kenzie’s mind and soul. Personally, he had always liked her, even when he had known her from Chains back in the day. Her fun personality was infectious, and she never seemed to take life too seriously.

Though he also remembered Kenzie when she was younger, in her early twenties, he never had any interest in playing with her before now. He’d been in a relationship back then and hadn’t looked to other submissives for play. Her behavior was bratty even back then, which he had no interest in dealing with when he was younger. He had preferred well-behaved submissives. Now, Porter’s being thirty-five, his cock twitched to play with this submissive, eager to show her who’s in charge.

The question remained heavy on his mind: Had he excelled in the dynamics of Dominance and submission enough to gain the compliance of the sassiest submissive? Perhaps it was his manhood talking, but he quite liked the idea of going up against the strongest sub he’d ever known. It made the moment a little more playful, and definitely more exciting.

Even so, after one conversation with her, he’d assumed breaking down the walls she kept up against others wouldn’t be an easy task. Kenzie’s game was to throw everyone else off theirs, and she was a pro—which compelled him to understand why. To find out what made her act the way she did. More important, to be the one Dom whom she couldn’t throw off.

Staring into her pretty light hazel eyes that were more green than brown, he didn’t know why she made life difficult for Doms; he guessed it was just her nature. When he had seen her play with others, she was a submissive, of that he was sure. Yet at times the things she said and did would make one believe she’d be better off as a Dominatrix or a switch.

While he wanted to explore earning her submission, he also reminded himself that Club Sin members needed to witness his skill as a Dom. The task of showing Dmitri, the Club Sin Masters, and the other members that he deserved the title of Club Sin Master was hanging over him.

He’d known all the Club Sin Masters since they entered the lifestyle around the same time and were playing at Chains. Porter had as much experience as Dmitri, and being on uneven ground with them in Club Sin wasn’t a position he preferred.

Recognition. Respect. Pride. They mattered to him.

He kept Kenzie’s chin in his grip and regarded the soft lines of her face to her strawberry-blond hair that sure as hell matched her fiery personality. His choice to take her as his sub was partly because he hungered to get deep inside her. Both mentally and physically.

The determination in her eyes amused him. He excelled at teaching young submissives at Chains, as he’d done with his ex, Cora. Since her, he’d hadn’t taken on any other submissives full-time, simply because he was damn tired of love turning into friendship, which was exactly what had happened with Cora. Their relationship had lasted a year, and while he’d thought he had found love, it had turned out to be a fleeting romance. Now Cora was married to Aidan, and Porter was happy that she’d found whatever it was she’d been looking for, even if it hadn’t happened with him.

After Cora, he had made the decision that until he found the woman who sparked an intense passionate love inside him, he wouldn’t open himself up that way again. His choice not to date and to keep things casual simplified his life, which also now led him to play with the firecracker Kenzie. Go figure.

Examining Kenzie in his hold, he considered his next steps with her, knowing he had to always stay ahead of her. He had purposely placed himself right in her space from the get-go. Judging from the scenes he’d watched her participate in, he saw that she preferred to keep people at a distance. Even now, he noticed her level of discomfort at his nearness. She shifted on her feet and had trouble looking into his eyes. Compelled to continue touching her, he ran his finger up her arm, and her lips parted.

When silent, Kenzie was absolutely beautiful. Freckles covered her shoulders and the bridge of her nose, with just a faint dusting on her cheeks. She was feminine, with a small, slender frame and lovely round breasts, and an ass that looked perfect in a pair of jeans.

To test her, he moved a bit closer, and her gaze fell to his chest. He pinched her chin, forcing her eyes on him. He stayed quiet, as Kenzie had had too many scenes where words were exchanged, and he wanted to avoid her smart mouth. He might find her cleverness amusing, but he didn’t deserve her insults. Irritation would do him no good. From what he’d seen of her, it was exactly what she wanted. He didn’t pretend to understand why she pushed against Doms, when surrendering was clearly something she enjoyed. Now he needed to rise above the words she spat and teach her a different way toward submission.

Voices and movement surrounded him, and he assumed playtime was continuing after the collaring ceremony, but he paid no attention to it. He stayed focused on Kenzie, and continued to trail his finger up and down her arm. Then he traced over her collarbone, grinning at the hitching of her breath.

I’ve got you now, little one.

Seeing her respond to his touch, he softened his fingers, drawing them up the front of her neck. Her eyes blazed and she snapped, “What are you doing?”

Porter ignored her curt tone and her not addressing him as sir, pleased that gentle touches unnerved her. Certain things he’d punish. Other things he would not. Kenzie pushed to irritate him. He let it slide off his back. “Touching you,” he said softly.

She snorted. “Clearly.”

Her brisk response didn’t surprise him, as it showed her discomfort. Though it shocked him she hadn’t moved away. She had the power to step out of his hold, but she didn’t. Her submission all but poured out of her, and it piqued his interest.

Why so snappy with your mouth but so willing with your body?

Kenzie always had been a confusing little thing, and while this was an agreement between them, he did want to know all things about her. He would earn her submission by the end of their month together—that he was determined to achieve. To do so, he needed to understand her in every way—mind, body, and soul. He was also in no rush to do that. Force wouldn’t get him inside her head, patience would.

He slid his knuckles over her cheek, and she huffed. “You know, touching other parts of my body is a lot more fun.”

Remaining silent, he continued to introduce her to his touch. The sass couldn’t sway him. Her body told an entirely different story. That is what he’d learned about Kenzie during his time studying her, which he’d done purposely to learn more about her before they played—her body and what came out of her mouth weren’t connected. In fact, he’d come to discover she was the most disconnected submissive he’d ever set his sights on. He wanted to fix that.

He trailed his hand on her face, and she leaned in to him, not moving away, contradicting her words. Interesting and unexpected. Her reaction instantly told him intimacy was the path to getting to that submissive part of her. A breath of relief nearly escaped him, as a month of dealing with her bratty behavior didn’t interest him in the least. But a month of showing her the way to true submission elated him.

Kenzie wasn’t just a test subject, she was a beautiful woman and special.

His focus went to her pouty lips, and he anticipated her heated kisses. That mouth had been haunting him. It’d also been in his thoughts a few times when he’d jerked off in the privacy of his bedroom. He had wanted this moment with her, had craved the battle of wills. Yet he was well aware of the attitude that would follow.

He glided his hand into her hair, and she proved him right by growling, “I don’t know about you, but this is what I’d call boring. Are we going to scene now?”

“Quiet,” he murmured.

Her brows rose in surprise. Porter imagined she wasn’t used to Doms’ using gentle advances toward her. Perfect. From what he had observed watching her in Club Sin, he knew he had to keep surprising her. He wouldn’t allow her to treat him as she’d treated others. Nor would he allow her to not offer him complete submission.

Kenzie’s close relationship with Dmitri was the only thing keeping her in the dungeon. From what Dmitri had told Porter, most Doms refused to play with her anymore, and even Club Sin Masters Sawyer and Miles had difficulty with her. A disrespectful submissive wasn’t fun, especially when a Dom felt that the sub wasn’t giving herself over to his mastery.

Porter had noticed something in her that he wondered if others missed. Signs of submission were evident with her body’s actions, and that was why he had taken his time studying her. Something he doubted that no one before him did. He’d always intended to play with her, eventually. The agreement just forced his hand to learn as much as he could about her in a short time.

While she often showed those beautiful submissive signs during an intense scene, he was seeing them now. That would be his sole focus with her for the next month, bringing those reactions forward and building trust so that she felt safe enough to let go with him. But he also believed these tender touches were annoying her, tampering with her self-control.

He tangled his fingers in her curls, loving the silkiness sliding along his hand. She came up to only his breastbone, making him feel entirely masculine. His hand was quite large next to her face, and he liked how tiny she was—the femininity she portrayed.

Her glare intensified as he slowly brushed his fingers over her lips. He ignored that response and continued brushing over her mouth. She snorted. “This is your plan, then—looking at me and touching my mouth?”

He didn’t reply.

Porter knew why she was getting snappier—Kenzie wasn’t in control. It became glaringly obvious she didn’t like it. Nor was she used to a Dom not giving her what she wanted. And what she’d become quite good at obtaining.

Tonight things would be on his terms, under his rules.

Soon she would discover that, and accept it.

Club Sin had certain rules and hard limits that were nonnegotiable: No fire play. No catheters or enemas. No breath play. No urination or defecation. No knives, needles, piercing, cutting, or blood. Porter had received Kenzie’s hard and soft limits from her Club Sin agreement. She had no soft limits, or play that would warrant caution, and that didn’t surprise him—she was a brave little thing and quite daring. Her hard limits of play were only that she received pleasure before pain and that she didn’t want aftercare with her Dom. But she did allow her Dom to sit near her while she rested alone on the couch.

Porter didn’t even pretend to understand the latter. Who didn’t want to be held? Though it only stirred curiosity about why she would make such a request. He had more questions than answers at the moment, but by the end of their time together tonight, he hoped to gain more clarity into her. And by the end of their month together, he would gain her full submission—of that he was sure.

Another minute passed before she huffed and folded her arms. “Great. The next month is going to be exciting if this is all you do.”

He chuckled.

She glared . . . again.

A few more minutes passed, and once her facial expression finally softened, he closed his fist in her hair and tugged her forward, not with the force she was used to, but intimately pressing her body against his. Holding her as passionately as he could, he dropped his mouth to hers. Her lips instantly parted, yet he lifted his mouth off hers and kissed her neck, feeling her tense beneath him. He tasted the salty sweat off her flesh and inhaled her fiery cinnamon scent. His cock twitched, ready to take her.

Once she relaxed in his hold, he returned his lips to hers. Her mouth beneath his was softer this time, but not indulgent enough for his liking. He ground his hard cock against her stomach and felt her rough breath across his face. Angling her head, he kissed his way to the other side of her neck, sometimes nibbling there, other times licking.

She moaned, and he heard her plea, so he brought his mouth to hers. He kissed her, not with the force of a Dom, but with the intimacy of a lover. Something he thought Kenzie needed to experience, since all she’d done was push everyone away from her. Her body became willing and she gave a moan filled with yearning. Now she followed his movements, not in a demanding way, but accepting. He grunted at how amazing she tasted, and he licked the outer part of her lip. She opened further for him, inviting him inside. Her tongue swirled with his, and his stomach clenched against the surge of desire.

Her kiss was perfection. Her mouth divine. Her taste delectable.

Holding her face in his hands, he sensed Kenzie completely relax in his arms. The submissive kissing him was not the typical Kenzie, and he wondered why a submissive who gave herself so completely in her kiss refused to do that at any other time. In fact, he’d wager that he’d never met this other side of her, the woman he now held. Not once had he ever seen her kiss anyone in this way—so passionate, so packed with emotion.

Surprised by her, he broke the kiss, wanting something he hadn’t expected—to demand more kisses from her. Her beauty was amplified after his kiss. She was a fireball of passion that seemed all too perfect under his hold. Her eyes fluttered open and softness rested in their depths, almost as if she was allowing him right into her soul. The intensity of it sucked the air from his lungs. The pull to her that soared through him was most unexpected.

She leaned in to his hand for a split second before she jerked away and snapped, “That is not how Doms kiss at Club Sin, with all that”—she glared at him—“you know what you did.”

Porter leaned down into her face, now wondering if accepting her as a submissive was the best decision he’d ever made. There was something between them—something real and raw. Intense chemistry that he didn’t recognize at first, not until his mouth touched hers. Not until he felt the real Kenzie, the woman beneath the tough armor. The soft submissive who’d handed him her soul in a single kiss. The perfection that wrapped him in a spell, making his muscles tighten and his eyes clear to the beauty before him.

She scowled. “Why did you kiss me like that?”

Locked in her heated stare, he was consumed by the woman who kissed him as if she’d dropped all barriers she’d put in place. Something shifted inside him, as he looked to her not as a casual submissive that he was hunting, but as a conquest his heart needed to explore.

He slid his finger over her perfect, pouty lips and grinned. “Because I wanted to.”


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