Ladies, are you ready for the tall, dark, and sexy bodyguard Ryder Blackwood? Well now he’s only a click away. RESTRAINED UNDER HIS DUTY IS LIVE! Squeeee!!

I hope you enjoy the latest instalment of the Dirty Little Secrets series. I had an absolute blast writing Ryder and Hadley’s story, and I’m crossing my fingers you love them as much as I do!

Happy reading!
♥ Stacey

I’m the senator’s daughter, who should be off-limits.

He’s the bodyguard, who can’t help himself.

“With explosive chemistry and a hero to swoon for, RESTRAINED UNDER HIS DUTY is a perfectly kinky romance to get lost in!” —NYT Bestselling Author Skye Warren


An uninhibited politician’s daughter falls for her loyal bodyguard behind closed doors in this scandalous novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Bound Beneath His Pain and Tied to His Betrayal.

As the chief of security for a prominent senator, Ryder Blackwood is stunned when an anonymous source sends him a compromising photo of his boss’s twenty-five-year-old daughter getting down and dirty in an underground sex club. If it gets out, the media firestorm could ruin her father. More troubling for Ryder is how arousing he finds the whole situation. He’s known Hadley Winters since she was a kid. And now she’s the woman in all his most private fantasies.

Wild behavior helps Hadley get through those painful, lonely nights, but she’s been waiting a long time for a man like Ryder to protect her from herself. Ryder is raw. He’s real. And he makes her feel safe. Now that they’ve both become pawns in a blackmailer’s dangerous game, there’s more at stake than her father’s political career. As the intimate threats tear apart a tender new love, Hadley is forced to trust Ryder with her life—and her heart.