Hi, Lovelies! 


Anyone who is a fan of my Dirty Little Secret series will remember the tough and sassy, Alex. The moment this mysterious hacker landed on the page, I knew without a doubt I wanted to write her story. Sadly, some hot cowboys and sexy detectives took over, but the second I had a little space in my schedule, my days became all about Alex and Rowan. And let me tell you, these two are off the charts H-O-T!!

So hot, in fact, that they’re the first characters EVER that I wrote half the story with them being strangers. But their passion and intensity had me realizing that I controlled nothing and they wanted a past. Who was I to argue? 😉 They got their history, and some MAJOR history at that. Believe me, this duet is a FUN, thrilling ride full of twists and turns that surprised the hell out of me along the way.

 I’m having so much fun writing romantic suspense, and THANK YOU to everyone who’s taking this new journey with me. 


From USA Today bestselling author comes a brand new romantic suspense duet, featuring a brilliant hacker with trust issues bigger than the deep web, a CIA agent who loves a challenge, and enough heat between the two of them to melt your hardware.

Five years ago, hacker Alex McCoy had a hot-as-hell week in Paris with a CIA agent she was teamed up with, before a final night that neither of them would call their finest hour. Now, Alex’s life is spent hunting down classified information behind her screen and working too many hours to count. She’s miles past burnout and has decided to escape to New York City for a much-needed vacation.

CIA Agent Rowan Hawke never thought he’d see Alex again after his “midnight tiptoe” on their last evening together in Paris. But his sister has been abducted and he’s desperate for the help of the best hacker he’s ever met, especially when he finds out she’s in New York. Hoping to use all his previous skills of seduction to get her assistance, Rowan isn’t prepared for the immediate sizzle that springs back to life between them. Lost in the moment, he takes what he wants—Alex’s lush body bending to his will. 

But when the lust is sedated between them and he admits he purposely scouted her to help him find his sister, he’ll need more than charm to win over the mistrustful hacker. He’ll need the truth. As the case becomes increasingly dangerous, the stakes ratchet up alongside the heat between Rowan and Alex. But when Alex discovers a link between the killer and the FBI, she must decide if she can trust Rowan to protect her or if he’s the man her heart needs protection from. 

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