SKIRT CHASER: Teaser #10


Do you want me to fuck you, Evie?”


His sizzling gaze held hers. “Beg me,” he murmured.

She finally breathed again, near gasping now, seeing the promise in his eyes that he’d give her pleasures she’d never known. “Please, I want you…I need you.”

“No.” He stepped in between her spread legs, gazing at her bare breasts before looking her in the eye again. “I don’t want to hear it from your mouth…show me….” He dragged a thumb across her bottom lip, and in that second, she felt every barrier she’d ever put in place come tumbling down under the strength of his touch. She didn’t need to worry with him. She could let go.

She felt her heart soften as she leaned forward and sucked on his thumb.

His eyes flared with heady heat. “Yeah, angel, that’s what I want. Give me everything.”