SKIRT CHASER: Teaser #12


The side of his mouth curved. “I like the way you’re trembling, Evie.” He kissed the top of her thigh, running his hands slowly up her legs, tucking his fingers into her panties. Boldly, and with his simmering eyes still on hers, teeth nibbling his bottom lip, he slowly pulled her panties down until she could step out of them.

God, the confidence, the heat, the hunger…her heart banged against her chest, lost to everything that Grey stood for in that moment. Somehow, within his intense gaze, she felt stronger, less shy, freer. He wasn’t thinking of his pleasure now, she could tell. He desired her. The longing she saw as he stared back at her, the knowledge that’d he been wanting and waiting to taste her, brought a ravenous hunger she couldn’t ignore.

“Do not stop looking at me,” he murmured, sliding his hands up her thighs.