Snippet Sharing – SWEET SUBMISSIVE!

I’m in revisions on Sweet Submissive, and just for fun here’s a snippet!

“As a submissive at Sin City you can be involved in anything from being restrained, flogged, paddled, whipped, spanked or caned. You could find yourself tied to a St. Andrews Cross, thrown over a spanking bench, or attached to any other device located in the dungeon.”

Her mouth had dropped open halfway through his speech, but he continued as if she wasn’t about to die from shock.

“This isn’t a sex club meant to have vanilla sex that involves restraints and light play. The submissives here are willing to be pushed to their very limits and give up complete control to their Dom.”

He drew in a deep breath and examined her with those steely eyes. “Now tell me how you feel about what I just told you.”

She squirmed and never—not once in her life—had her body been so hot that she wanted out of her skin. “It’s…well…I…” She sighed, deep and low. “Lord help me I liked what you just said.”