Sweet Submissive Blurb!

WOOT! Here is a peek at the story that’s kept me busy and totally captivated!


Sin City Book One

Presley has made bad decisions. She’s uprooted her life, moved to Las Vegas and she’s now in a city that doesn’t belong to her. On the brink of an emotional slump, she decides to stop reading erotic romance novels to indulge in her fantasies and now seeks to live them out.

Owner of the BDSM dungeon, Sin City, Dmitri is well aware that something more than the D/s relationship exists between him and the sweet submissive, Presley. However, she comes with emotional barriers that ignite his dom instincts. Under his command, he allows Presley to feel and guides her through scenes designed to awaken her.

But her newfound freedom and inner voice is short lived. A shadow from her past has returned to silence her. Now caught up in a situation she cannot control, Dmitri sets out to prove she no longer needs to hide.