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? HEARTBREAKER Teaser #2 ?

  “I can’t do this right. It’s going to be quick and hard.” “Maddox,” she whispered, not even recognizing the heady desire she heard echoing in her voice. “Please…” He leaned away then and looked at her. His brows drew together as he cupped her face. “I like hearing you beg, sweetheart. Do it again.”[...]
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? HEARTBREAKER Teaser #1 ?

“I can’t give you a relationship, but I can give you an adventure. You need to be okay with that for us to proceed. I don’t want to hurt you.” She rose then and moved to him, placing her hands on his folded arms. “You won’t hurt me. I can handle a friends-with-benefits relationship with you. This is good, and if it ever be[...]
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