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His Price

Bought By The Boss – Teaser #2

  I lean in and my lips meet hers. It’s passion. It’s desire. We’re unleashed. I press my body against hers, feeling the paint between us and nothing else, and I inch her back toward the mattress, helping her into the middle of the bed. I slide my thighs against her legs, spreading her open. “There are many ways I can take[...]
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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #1

When I feel his finger tuck under my chin, I open my eyes, discovering his expression is very similar to what I’d seen before. However, this time, he looks even more intense. As he did before, he reaches for my hair, fisting it, sending me to my knees again. When I look up at him, he gestures at his cock. “Again,” is all he says.[...]
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