Teaser time! From the new story, Sweet Submissive!

I’ve been super busy writing…and writing…and writing. But all this work is paying off. I’ve just crossed the 50,000 word mark in Sweet Submissive, which means this story has decided to become a novel instead of a novella. Very exciting for me since this will be my first full length BDSM erotic romance. I’ve got a few novellas under my belt now, but there is just something so special when you can write a longer story.  Anyhoo, I thought I’d share a snippet from what has been keeping me very busy!


Dimitri stood from his chair and approached. Her heart thudded. He was tall, much taller than her, he had to be six-two. He had a thick build, seemed to be in his early thirties, and compared to her twenty five years it made her feel young. His long gate was fluid and held a certain type of arrogance. Compared to this man, her ex-boyfriend Steven looked like a woman.

Once next to her, he stared for a long moment with intense–very intense–blue eyes and then frowned. “It’s rude to interrupt a lovely dinner party such as this.”

His tone was so deep and commanding that Presley gulped. Her breath rushed from her lungs and she struggled to suck it back in. Under his stare, her body went all mushy and hot. “I’m…er…so sorry, but I must go.”

Taking her by the arm, he placed her back in her seat, lifted her up in the chair as if she weighed nothing at all and scooted her under the table. “I’m afraid you will sit there until we’re finished.” His hand clamped down on her shoulder and held firm. “Don’t move, doll. Dinner will be over soon.”