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I hope you’re all doing well through these crazy times and are looking forward to the fall. My slippers, sweaters and leggings are calling me! I know I’ve been quiet lately, but we recently moved so I’ve been BUSY! Hopefully, with school back (for now anyway), things will quiet down and I can get back to writing! 

Speaking of writing, WATCH Me is almost here. I don’t have the words for how much I loved writing Rhys and Zoey’s story. Every story I write is special in it’s own way, but certain stories just feel extra special. And WATCH ME is special!! What started as my wanting to write another super HOT series turned into something so much more. Their story is  emotional and real…and well, crazy HOT! 

If you can’t wait to see what this new series is all about, keep scrolling to read the first chapter. If you hate spoilers, release day is only one week away! 

I’m sooooooo excited for you guys to meet the new group of friends that have been keeping me busy lately. You’re going to LOVE them!!

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It’s her choice to play his game. If she says yes, there will be more on the line than just her pleasure.

Zoey Parker has a three-step plan for revenge. First, gain entrance to the ultra-exclusive, upscale sex club, Phoenix. Second, act out her wildest fantasy in front of powerful old rivals, proving that they didn’t break her. Third, disappear and never return. The only kink in her plan? Rhys Harrington, the owner of Phoenix and the one man she needs to stay away from…

Rhys’ high-end clients pay extravagant amounts to watch his stars indulge their desires. Rhys’ only rule? Watch, don’t touch. But one look at Zoey and Rhys decides to participate in the show himself. And when an undeniable passion ignites between them, Rhys knows he wants more. Except Zoey is determined to run… and he is determined to find out why.

When Rhys discovers Zoey’s secret, he shocks her by offering his protection… and a no-strings-attached relationship. But Zoey knows there will be more on the line than just her pleasure. Because Rhys’ sizzling touch doesn’t only capture her body, it also commands her heart.

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Welcome to the Phoenix series...

Chapter 1

The streets of midtown Manhattan were foggy from the rain earlier in the day. Rhys Harrington breathed in the heavy night air as he strode up the stone steps of the ultra-exclusive, upscale sex club, Phoenix, shortly after nine o’clock. In the 1920s, the historic building located on 5th Avenue was a gentleman’s cigar club. When Rhys bought the property and business ten years ago, he’d done so with another thought in mind. This corner piece of New York City, where anyone who stepped inside the doors left different than they came in, now housed fantasies and sexual delights.

Rhys wrapped his hand around the smooth golden handle and opened the heavy wooden door, entering the classy cigar lounge. Round tables were full of customers, enjoying a drink of fine bourbon and a cigar. Three bartenders dressed in tuxes served up drinks while waitresses and waiters tended to the customers at the tables. Rhys continued on, heading through the door at the back that led to his large office. His huge cherry-wood desk sat in the center, surrounded by bookcases and art he’d collected over the years. He moved to one of the bookcases, took off a book, and lifted the wood there. After he pressed his finger against the fingerprint reader, the bookcase began moving, revealing the hidden stairwell behind. He traveled down the staircase, surrounded by stone walls, as the cabinet sealed shut behind him.

When he reached the bottom, he opened another door, immediately greeting his longtime security detail. “Andre, how are things?”

Former military, Andre stood at the door, alert and ready. He smiled in greeting, warming his typically hard green eyes. He didn’t hold a weapon; Andre was the weapon. Any threat walking through the door would regret their choices. “Can’t complain, boss,” Andre replied with a thick Texan accent.

“Then, it’s a good night, indeed.” Rhys headed past him, but stopped before he walked through the next door. “Let me know if any trouble comes up tonight.”

“You know it,” Andre said, inclining his head.

Every person on Rhys’s payroll also got playtime at Phoenix. It kept his employees loyal, like family. They fought to protect this club and its members as much as Rhys did, and that kept everyone safe. When he entered the main area of Phoenix, he felt eyes turn to him, the pulsating energy in the room washing over him. The seating section had brown leather couches set around square coffee tables. The gas fireplace cast a romantic glow on the place, and the large, dim chandeliers over each table added to the warmth of the space. The women wore fine lingerie; the men were shirtless, wearing only black slacks. He recognized every face, even behind the masquerade masks. As the owner of Phoenix, he personally met everyone who applied for membership. Even the members who required anonymity and wore full-face masks, Rhys knew well. He knew every secret of every person in his club, and with that trust, he offered sexual freedom at a steep price. The level of security needed to keep an identity hidden determined the cost of the membership. With the tunnels from Prohibition beneath the building, members could enter from various locations across the city. The men and women working at the club were all retired military who understood the value of secrecy and honor.

Phoenix lived in a gray area when it came to the law. The rich, famous, and powerful paid to watch two consenting adults have sex in a show of their choosing. The men and women in that show were compensated for their participation. To Rhys, this was adults consenting to a mutually beneficial agreement. One that provided the client with a sexual fantasy they enjoyed watching, and offered financial payment to someone who wanted it. Everyone knew that money bought silence. In Rhys’ experience, every person could be bought, for the right price.

Tonight, a quick sweep of his clientele told Rhys that four famous actors were there, along with their spouses, as well as a group of politicians, and a handful of Wall Street brokers. Rhys moved to the door off to the side of the bar that led to his office on this floor. The only other rooms down here were the private ones, where the nightly shows took place.

Before long, Rhys entered his office. The space had once been used to hold oak barrels full of whiskey, and some nights, Rhys swore he could catch that oaky scent lingering. When he stepped behind his desk in the stone-walled room and faced the two black leather client chairs in front of him, a low voice said, “You’re late.”

Rhys glance toward the doorway. Retired from the United States Navy SEALs Forces, Archer Westbrook entered the office and took a client chair. He had short and stylish brown hair, sharp features, and wise dark blue eyes. A friend from college with similar sexual tastes, Archer had been with Rhys from day one. Responding to Archer, Rhys glanced at his watch and grinned. “I’ve got five minutes.” He shook out of his blazer, leaving it on his chair.

“You’ll be ready in five?”

Rhys nodded. “Is Rigger’s virgin here?”

“She is, ready and waiting.” Archer interviewed, vetted, and handled finding participants for the shows.

Tonight was Senator Matthew Rigger’s night. Part of having a Phoenix membership meant that one night a month, each client could pick their preferred pleasure. The only rule? You could watch, but not touch. Phoenix was for voyeurs. Rich and famous singles and couples, looking for shows to excite them. Couples typically partook in their own sexual play when the show was over and the crowd was gone from the room. Phoenix provided rooms just for that. A few times a month, Rhys let members partake in the shows. He hand-chose the members to allow anyone who wanted to participate a chance to explore a flesh-to-flesh experience. No fantasy was overlooked. All needs were catered to. Phoenix lived and breathed sex. But when virgins were requested, Rhys took control of the show. The responsibility was greater. The risks higher. The emotions deeper.

“I’ll be out shortly,” he told Archer. Not waiting for a response, Rhys headed into the adjoining bathroom. Wasting no time, he stripped and showered, and dried off just as quickly. When he returned to his office, he left his clothes off and opened the safe behind the painting on the wall. From there, he took out his sleek black masquerade mask.

After he slipped it on, he slid into his pressed black slacks from the closet and headed across the hallway. When he reached the door, he exhaled a long breath. Virgins were not his preference. He lived for lust, passion, and all that was in between. But he understood the responsibility of handling emotions and protecting the women who entered his club.

He took one more deep breath and focused on giving Rigger the show he wanted while doing right by the virgin in his care. When he strode through the door, he found that most of the members had come into the playroom. Not unexpected. Rhys didn’t partake in the shows often, and when he did, the members showed up. He knew why. People loved power. As the head of Phoenix and born into the wealthy Harrington family, he represented that.

The crowd stationed around the room silenced as he strode in, the door shutting behind him. This space was the size of a typical conference room, but surrounded by stone walls, flickering candles, and with a velvet chaise against the far wall, it felt intimate. Next to the chaise was a gold platter with a condom and a black silk robe resting on top. But none of that held his attention when he finally caught sight of the woman waiting for him. She stood next to the dark-purple velvet chaise. Behind her delicate mask, he saw light hazel eyes accentuated with soft makeup that led down to high cheekbones, a gentle nose, and burgundy-painted lips. All that delicate beauty was surrounded by long strawberry-blonde hair. Rhys couldn’t stop his gaze from slowly traveling over her dark-green lingerie and garter belt all the way down to sexy black heels that made her legs look a mile long. By the time he reached her face again, his cock was hard, greedy.

He approached her, feeling the energy in the room tickling across his skin. When he stopped in front of her, he noted the heavy rise and fall of her chest. She had trouble holding his eye contact. And yet, she appeared to force herself to. Shy, but brave. A combination he hadn’t known he liked until right now. She didn’t once look away as he circled her, eyeing up his treat for the night. He tested her, stroking a finger down her arm, and the response she gave was immediate. Her cheeks flushed and lips parted, a slight tremble running through her. Gorgeous.

Heat flooded him as he made his way back in front of her and tucked a thumb under her chin, lifting her gaze to his. More to try to understand her than for the show, he stared into her eyes then dropped his mouth to hers. He kissed her, soft and gentle, showing her they were in no rush tonight. He had no plans to toss her onto the chaise and steal her virginity. No, with every slide of his tongue, he hoped she understood he’d have her begging before he dared take what she was willingly offering him tonight.

She gave a soft moan that had him moving forward, pulling her tighter against him, and deepening the kiss. He felt the crowd’s eyes, sensed their stillness, and he embraced the spike of adrenaline burning through his veins. But when he heard the crowd shift, growing impatient, he realized how long he’d been kissing her, so he gave them what they wanted to see tonight.

He broke from her to step behind the woman. She shuddered when he unhooked her bra and dragged the lacy straps down her arms. Her breathy sigh slid over him as he cupped her small breasts and teased her rosy nipples. Unable to stop himself, he pressed his cock against her bottom, giving her a taste of what she’d soon have. What she’d soon beg him for. When she wiggled her hips encouragingly, he tucked his fingers into her panties and slid them down. Every moment slow, easy. For her. And for the crowd. He caught all the heated eyes on him, felt the burn of how much he liked that, and then he kissed her shoulder. He took her hand and guided her to the chaise.

Drawn into those gorgeous eyes of hers, he dropped his mouth onto hers before he picked her up and laid her out on the cushions. Right here, right now, he didn’t give two fucks about the show anymore. Innocence and purity, waiting for him to take. But there was something unique about her, something that felt addictive.

He opened his pants, unable to take his eyes off her. While she watched him undress, her cheeks burned deeper, and he wondered, as his cock spilled free, how deep he could make those cheeks burn. She took in the size of him, and her wide eyes made him grin, a most unexpected reaction. Usually, he kept things all business. All pleasure. But with her…what is it about you?

He knew she expected him to cover her body and take her. Instead, he thrust his hands beneath her bottom and lifted her to his mouth. At the first gentle stroke of his tongue against her tight heat, her chin tilted up, a soft moan spilling out. A sound that tightened his groin. She tasted sweet as he slowly stroked over her clit, swirling the bud, until he dipped lower and groaned at her lovely wetness. She shuddered beneath him, and a quick look up at her revealed those cheeks were even darker than he’d hoped. Over and over again, he teased her, taking her right to the edge, then slowing down. Making her wild. When she gave a loud moan and a hard tremble, he lowered her bottom down to the chaise again then knelt in front of her. She reached for his arms then, holding him in such a way that felt far too intimate for the surroundings. It occurred to him that this woman was unlike anyone he’d met before. A virgin, shy, but also full of passion. The contradiction fascinated and intrigued him.

Unable to look away from her, he swiped his thumb over her clit. Her lips parted, and soft moans spilled out. A sound so beautiful, he accepted the invitation. He leaned over and kissed her as he stroked his fingers down her drenched folds. She tightened her lips on his when he slid one finger inside her tight heat and slowly worked her over. By the time he inserted another finger, her fingernails were digging into his arms. Not to stop him, but to bring him closer. Every swipe of her tongue against his was begging for him to take her where she’d never gone.

Tonight, he’d take her far past that.

Her breaths became heavy, her moans louder as she broke away from the kiss, her chin angling up. He was tempted to continue driving her wild with his fingers, but he knew better. She’d accept him easier on the edge of her pleasure. And with only her comfort and safety on his mind, he sheathed himself in the condom. He shifted closer, staying on his knees between her spread thighs. He became lost in the sweetness of her eyes. Something in her soul, keeping him transfixed. He only looked away to drench the tip of his cock in her arousal. Around him, he sensed the crowd go quiet, eager for what came next.

A whimper escaped her as he inserted just the tip, and he met her eyes. The crowd faded once again, and the most unexpected reaction overtook him. With a hand on her hip, he did what he’d never done with anyone to walk through Phoenix’s doors; he cupped her face intimately and held her gaze, keeping her attention on him. Protecting her, shielding her, becoming absorbed in her. Lost in all the unexpected magic that silently passed between them, he thrust forward, her shocked gasp echoing around him. His eyes shut of their own accord at her tight heat squeezing him like a damn vise. A low groan spilled from his lips as he slowly pulled out, staring down at the blood of her innocence. He looked to her face again, but the heated eyes he expected to see weren’t on him. Nor was her mask. Her bare face revealing hurt, hatred, and rage all directed at someone in the crowd. Then a single tear fell down her beautiful face, and a protective burn coursed through his veins while a haunting truth dawned on him.

This woman had an agenda tonight, and Rhys had played right into her plan.