WITCHES BE DAZZLED…and what surprised me!

Hi, friends!

I know I’m not too vocal on my blog—it’s terrible. I’m trying to do better, promise. So, I just had the share this new development that was a big surprise to me.

As many of you know, and for those that don’t, the Magic & Mayhem series was first published as short novels and were told in the first person. Yep, we only got Nexi’s point-of-view. When Entangled picked up the books to republish them as full-length novels, one suggestion made by my awesome editor was that I change the books to third person.

There were lots of reasons for the change, but mainly because with these books it just made the story deeper. I totally agreed and thought the change was a great one, but I never anticipated how much of a good change it was until I started working on Witches Be Dazzled.

You see, when I first wrote The Wicked, which was the second book in the series, I always knew something was “missing” from the story line. It wasn’t my favourite book in that series. At the time and sometimes as authors we are too close to our stories to figure out what it needs, therefore, I just accepted the story for what it is and went with it.

Well, it wasn’t until I dug in and started changing the story to third person did I see what was missing—Kyden’s point of view. For everyone who read Werewolves Be Damned, you’ll know that it was very Nexi focused. That book was basically her story and Kyden was there, fighting alongside her to help her gain her footing in the crazy-ass world she landed herself in. But Witches Be Dazzled has turned out to be a lot about Kyden and his past.

It’s funny to me that I always knew something was missing. That I needed “something” to make the story complete, but it just took an editor to change the first book for me to see it. Though the plot was all there and I did like the story, Kyden’s history needed to be added to make the book complete.

I cannot even begin to say how excited I am about this story. Anyone who has followed me from the beginning knows that these books are my babies. Nexi and Kyden’s stories started my writing journey. If it wasn’t for Nexi who just popped into my head one day, I never would have started writing.

While I have a new editor working on the series now, the advice I received from Kerri-Leigh Grady is something that I will never forget and will always be grateful to her for! Much love to her!

All right, I’m off to spend more time with a very sexy guardian!