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“I’ll hold you to that, you know.” Kyden’s voice grew deeper, hinting at all types of sexual promise. “If your plan was to start something tonight, I expect it to be finished later.”
She stood on her tip-toes, dropping a quick kiss on his lips. “Whatcha waiting for, let’s finish it now.”
That’s all she got out before his mouth crushed against hers, and she lost the world around her. When Kyden touched her, time stopped. His kisses possessed his soul and she experienced each one right down to her toes.
By the time he broke away, they were both breathing heavily. “That, Álainn” – the nickname of beautiful in Gaelic only fueled the heat blazing inside her especially because he always purred the word – “would be in your immediate future, if I wasn’t someone who actually followed protocol. Tonight needs to be reported to the Council.”
“See, and that’s why your goody two-shoes way” – she stepped away, forcing cooler air between them – “sucks.”

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